The Importance of Coherence in Writing Task 2 in IELTS Test

You may be good at speaking English but are you good at writing? Well, if you think you are and you do not take necessary guidance or tips on how to get through Writing IELTS Test then you are really making a big mistake.

Writing is not something that you are born with. You learn it. Yes, it can be mastered. The person will have to pay attention to what it takes to be a good writer.

Grammar is the backbone of the language. Of course, you may be making use of the perfect grammar while speaking to the interviewer in your IELTS Speaking Test but is your English grammar strong enough to help you get through the writing test? You will have to think of it. If it is not strong enough then it is important to take some time out and work on it. Yes, you will certainly have to improve the way you structure the sentences. Nine times out of ten, examiners do not give a good score when they find the answer that is with good grammar. The commonest mistake is related to relevance between the subject and the predicate. When the subject is plural, plural form of the verb shall be used and when it is singular, correct be-form shall be used.

You can’t write, “I has three kids.” (Incorrect)

You will have to write, “I have three kids.” (Correct)

You was good (Incorrect)

You were good (Correct)

When you learn to be good at constructing sentences which are perfect then you can go on to focus on step 2 of getting a good score in your IELTS writing exam.

Yes, perfect grammar is important but still, if you have managed to write sentences which are free from errors but have failed to instill in them proper sense, which convey the right meaning or which collectively represent the idea in a right way then it is simply a waste of your time and effort.

Each and every sentence which you write shall have the right level of coherence. There shall be relevance which is needed to help you get the score you desire of. All the sentences shall represent one big thought.

Failure to instill coherence in the answer is one of the major reasons why most of the candidates do not get the right score. If IELTS Writing Task demands that you shall focus on “whether government should focus on protecting historical buildings or not” then you are supposed to write on the same. But, if you write something more related to importance of historical monuments or go on to describe a particular monument or its history or how a country has created laws in order to protect the historical monuments then this would be called pure digression. Yes, you shall not digress from the main ideas or the main route when it comes to completing writing task 2.

Remember, candidates who manage to get a good score are those who write grammatically correct, include coherence in their answer, make use of effective words, make use of different forms of sentences, make use of correct idioms or phrases, and punctuate their answer well.