IELTS Latest Reading Test Tips and Advice For 2024

Practice reading different kinds of texts in English to develop the habit of reading quickly.

Before you answer any question, read each question properly to make it easier to find answers later. If you can, mark possible answers while you read. If you are taking IELTS on the computer, make notes or even highlight any section of the text.

Start with a cursory reading of the text to have a generic idea what it is about. Once you are a little familiar, read it carefully keeping in mind the questions to which you need to find the answers.

Since you do not have to apply your own knowledge to answer the questions, all answers will be there in the passage itself. Read carefully to not miss them.

While answering, ensure that you are using the correct spellings as given in the passage.

Sometimes there can be questions to test upon your understanding of the given passage. For instance, the question could be about the topic, highlighting particular words or ideas denoting the core message of the passages.