How To Overcome IELTS Speaking Test Fear?

“Honestly, IELTS Speaking test is what I fear. It is this section of the test which makes me feel nervous. I have already taken IELTS five times since 2018 but have never hit the target score of 7. I do not manage to get the score I need and it is always around 6 or 6.5.”

IELTS speaking test may make many candidates cringe. They have this phobia that is inexplicably difficult to overcome.

For many candidates, speaking test is a big troublemaker, score-ruined monster. Yes, you have got it right. It is something which candidates do not want to face but it can’t be avoided. If you are one of those candidates who fear this test, then it is time that you learn how you can deal with it. You shall not run away from it.

Let us tell you how you can deal with the fear in your IELTS speaking test

Positive Attitude

Be more positive about your IELTS test. The first thing that is needed is confidence. You need to be more confident that you will get through this. Express positivity. Do not think of anything which will not happen – “What will happen if I do not speak well? What will happen if I falter? Oh, I may get difficult questions to answer. How will I deal with the interviewer? What if the interviewer doesn’t like me?”

Be cool

How would you speak to your friends or family members? You will feel cool. You do not fear them, do you? Well, you will have to learn to be cool. This doesn’t mean that you will have to take it easy but what all we mean is that you will have to act more smartly.

That is Simple

You shall know that IELTS speaking test is going to be very simple for you. Yes, it will certainly be easy for you when you think it is easy. This doesn’t that we want you to be overconfident. No, it is just one way to boost up confidence and get this anxiousness out. When you feel confident, you will speak more comfortably and of course, without any kind of fear.

IELTS Speaking Test Practice

It really makes sense that you spend time before the actual test in practicing for IELTS speaking. Top scorers are those who spend more time in practice. You will have to learn to understand what questions can be asked and you need to be ready with answers. You will have to develop this skill of speaking with no grammatical errors. If you are the one who has got poor grammar, then it is important to spend time in learning English grammar. A candidate who doesn’t have good command over the language may falter at every sentence and this will lead to accumulation of fear. Therefore, brush up on your language during your practice and be much better at speaking.

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