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How Much Am I Going To Pay For This Subscription And What Is The Currency Am I Going To Pay For This Subscription?
Ielts Expert Package: USD 14 with tutor support and video classes. All amounts displayed in the website are in USD . If you are making transactions using other currency card, then your bank will convert currency equivalent to USD . Your bank statement will show how much USD equivalent amount is debited in your local currency.
When Will I Be Able To Access The Online Training After My Payment?
You instantly get access to your account. Right after your payment, you can login to prepare for the exam
How Often Can I Access This Login, Are There Any Time Limitations?
No, whenever you want you can login in to our website and practice or prepare for your exam.
How Many Times Can I Take The Same Practice Test, If I Want To?
As many times as you want. There are no limitations.
Will I Get Score For My Practice Tests?
Yes. Once you submit the test, you will immediately get your band score. You can also check your right or wrong answers.
How Will I Practice Speaking Test?
Questions will be played for you and you can submit your answers by recording it. You will receive comments on your answers.
How Will I Practice Writing Tests? Will I Get My Writings Assessed? If Yes, How Many Days Will It Take?
You can write your answers and submit in your login. You will receive corrections within two days.
If I Don’t Hold Any Credit Card Or Visa Debit, Is There Any Alternate Mode Of Payment?
Unfortunately, we don’t have any other payment mode available
Am I Able To Access Through My Face Book Or Google Plus?
Yes, you will be able to access our student panel through face book or Google plus
How Do I Make Sure That You Are A Genuine Website Who Deals With Proper Materials And Correcting System?
You can first buy our any package and check how it works.
Where do these different packages stand in relation to one another?
Ielts Master Package: With this option, you will get access for a total of 30 days and all 10 practice tests, but you will not have access to video classes or tutor help.
The Ielts Expert Package gives you access to all 50 practice tests, video lessons, and the assistance of a personal tutor for a period of 30 days.
Will You Provide Me with A Guarantee In regards to My Band Score?
Although we aren't able to offer any sort of guarantee, we're very happy to share, almost 90% of learners attained the score they had aimed for.
What method of payment is accepted on this website, and is the transaction carried out in a secure manner?
You may use any major credit card, including Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro, to make payments using our globally accepted and secure payment processing system.
Where can I take the IELTS test, and how much will the registration fee be?
Please visit to learn more about the Ielts examination and the associated fees.
Is It Likely to Obtain Printed Copies of The Materials?
The answer is no, the above is not something that is feasible considering that we enable access to our online resources and video classes over the internet.
What Should I Do If I Run into Any Problems?
You can easily get in contact with us by either filling up the form on our website's contact page or giving us a call.
Will I Get My Payment Refunded if I am Not Convinced with It?
Only in the unusual circumstance that we are unable to provide you with access to your online training are we compelled to issue a refund. You are required to get in touch with us within seven days after making the payment.
Whom Should I Speak to, whenever I have Any concerns About the standard and quality of the Service?
You are at liberty to send an email to us at if you have any problems.
I Do Not Possess a US Dollar Account. How do I make my payment?
On this page, every single figure is shown in US Dollars. Your bank will convert the foreign currency you use to be comparable to US dollars, if you make transactions using a card which uses a different currency. Your bank statement will detail, in your native currency, the USD equivalent of any sum that has been debited from your account.

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