Why Do Candidates Even with Good Writing Skills Do Not Manage to Get Good Band Score Like 7 in IELTS?

You must be good at writing but do you think your writing skills are just enough to get band score 7 or above in IELTS Writing Test.

Whether you are going to take IELTS Academics or IELTS General, you can’t keep yourself aloof from writing test. It shall be mentioned that even people with good writing skills do not get the score they really aim at.

Here, we are going to reveal some of the secrets why even the best of the best candidates who have got good writing skills do not get IELTS band score 7 or above.

Creating short and long sentences

What do you think, what examiners will look at (i) short, meaningful sentences or (ii) long and confusing sentences?

Well, anybody with sense will look for meaningful sentences and it should be told that short sentences often provide the right meaning. Here, it is not suggested that you shall restrict yourself from using long or complex sentences but what all we suggest is that you shall you cut short your long ideas or present them in small chunks. There are more number of possibilities of going wrong when you create long and complex sentences.

Grammatical errors – result of lack of attention

Cross-checking what you have written is always recommended. There are many candidates who do not focus on proofreading what they have written. Here, you shall read with more attention to meaning. Yes, you shall not just run your eyes over the content. You need to read with all rapt attention and find out errors which must have crept into your write-up.

Dealing with punctuation marks - is comma or semi-colon placed at the right place?

Do you know a sentence with wrong punctuation can give wrong meaning? Yes, even a small comma can make a lot of difference. So, be very careful. You will have to pay attention to punctuation marks you may make use of in your writing test. If you are not sure of anything then it is always better to cut short the length of the sentence or make it much simpler.

Are your sentences connected to one another?

Candidates do not focus on this basic principle of interlinking their sentences and generating one single big thought (as per the requirement of the question in the IELTS writing test). The main purpose of the writing test is to evaluate how well you can write on one particular topic or situation. It is not just about good or bad writing. It is all about how well you will write or how well you can convey your ideas on particular topic or situation.

Cohesion in sentences shall be of highest level. Link your ideas together. Join them well so that there shall be no broken link.

And of course, you do not have to be Johnson during your writing test. Just make use of simple words and refrain from using words which are complex or hard to understand.

When you make your write-up simple and straight to the point then you are sure to gain higher band score in your writing test in IELTS