Computer Delivered IELTS

English proficiency test such as IELTS has become one of the major requirements for most of the academic as well as immigration steps. Therefore, British council has also come forward to implement new changes in its assessment delivery methods. The council has taken this important initiative to make it much easier for the candidates. It has also been taken in order to meet the growing demand of the candidates who apply for it in order to pursue higher education in a foreign country or for the purpose of the immigration or job.

The new changes have been implemented with the aim to provide the applicants an opportunity to take this world’ best known English test as per their convenience. They will have the option to choose delivery method which best suit them.

What is new about IELTS?

IELTS is one of the world’s most popular high-stakes English tests. During the year 2018, it was taken by as many as 3 million people across the globe. It is recognized by more than 10,000 schools, universities, immigration bodies or employers in various countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US and various other English-speaking countries.

Previously, there was only written test. The applicants had no choice but to take the written form of it at one of the designated centres. But, now, applicants have the option to apply either for computer-based or the written exam as per their choice. The option of taking it on computer is available in many countries such as India, Pakistan, Qatar, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, China, Bangladesh, Egypt and various other countries.  

How this computer-delivered test will be different from paper-based?

There is not much difference in both of these versions. Both of these will have the same four sections. There will be writing, reading, speaking and listening sections. There is no change in time allotted for the exam. One can apply for the academic or general. There will be no change in the total test time. It will be just the same. Candidates will have to complete the test well within 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Is there any change in speaking section?

The candidates will take reading, writing and listening sections on computer but the speaking test will be taken face-to-face. A trained examiner will assess your speaking skills and score you on the basis of your proficiency in English speaking.

With implementation of the computer-based test, the availability of the test also increased. Now, candidates will have access to more number of dates. They can easily book and take it without having to wait for long time.

Scoring System

There is no change in the scoring system. The band score will be given as per the same old scoring criteria. Candidates will get individual scores for each of the test component such as Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. These individual scores will be rounded and averaged to give overall band score.  

Validity Period

Each organization may have their validity period which work for their purposes but its validity may remain for 2 years (as per the recommendations of the administrators).

What about the costs?

There is no change in the cost. The applicants will pay just the same amount for the test to be taken on computer as they will be paying for the written test.


The results will be out soon. In the past, committee used to take almost 15 days to issue the results but now, the results will be made available in 5-7 days from the test the candidate take it.

What ensures quality and fairness?

The examination committee always take the right approach to ensure the quality and fairness of the exam.  The delivery of the exam is both secure and consistent through rigorous training and perpetual monitoring of the examination centres and the examiners. The test is subject to the most secure procedures, highest quality controls and integrity management practices. Stringent procedures are taken to check and verify the candidate’s identity. Unique test versions will be introduced from time-to-time. This means, the test taker will never take the same exam twice.  There will be double marking and online result verification process to ensure the given score is right.