IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 to 50 Common Questions?

IELTS Speaking Test will have three simple parts. During Part 1 of the test, you will answer questions related to you, your personal life, your hometown, hobbies, likes, dislikes, aspirations, goals, reasons to study abroad and other similar types of questions.

Here, we have listed down some fifty questions for you which may help you get the real feel of the test. Be prepared to answer these questions in order to create a good impression on your examiner.

You may come across admin first and the admin may ask you following questions:

 Can I see your entrance card?

2 Can I see your ID, please?

3 Can you please, show me your scorecard please?

4 Let me see your password. Can I get some identification first?

And when you enter the examination hall

5 Can I take your name, please?

6 You are Mr. / Ms ………………. Am I right? Is that right?

7 Can you tell me your name please?

8 How do you pronounce your name?

9 Can you pronounce your name for me

10 What is your full name? What are your first and last names?

11 How do you spell your name?

12 What shall I call you?

13 Did I pronounce your name right? Is my pronunciation with respect to your name correct?

14 Can I use your first name? Can I use your last name?

With respect to place you belong to

15 Where are you from? Where do you live? Which city are you from?

16 Are you local here? Are you from around here? Where is your residence?

17 How long have you been in this city of yours? Is this your native place?

18 Is this the only place you have been living in?

19 What is your birthplace? Where were you born?

20 What is so special about your hometown? What do you like about your hometown?

21 Did you anytime go out of the city you live in?

22 What are the historical places in your city?

23 Which historical place do you like the most in your hometown?

24 How consistently your hometown is changing?

25 Do you love being here in your hometown?

26 Where is your family from? Are your parents here from this same city?

With respect to work or studies

27 Are you studying? Are you a student?

28 What is your main? What are your core subjects?

29 What do you do?

30 Are you working anywhere? Which company are you working with presently?

31 What is the name of your college? Where did you complete your graduation from?

32 Which university do you belong to?

33 Do you enjoy your work? Do you love what you are doing presently?

34 What is so good about your work?

35 How would you describe your college or university?

36 How would you describe your office place?

37 What do you like about your office?

38 What do you dislike the most at your office?

With Respect to Hobbies / Leisure

39 What do you like the most?

40 How do you spend your free time?

41 What do you do in your leisure?

42 Do you like reading?

43 Do you like sports? What is your favorite sport?

44 How do you plan your free time?

45 Do you watch movies?

About Family or Friends

46 Can you tell me about your family?

47 Do you have large / small family? How many brothers / sisters do you have? What do they do?

48 What does your father / mother / brother do?

49 Do you go out with your family for excursions? When was the last time you visited a new place with your family?

50 Do you live with your family / Do you not live with your family? Why?