Ways to Write Excellent English Sentences for IELTS

Many students think and also feel that writing test in IELTS is a difficult test. It may be due to the fact that even though candidates know English, yet they are not capable enough to create some effective sentences in English.

It is very common that candidates know how to speak impeccable English but lack the skill of writing it.

Practice is the only activity that can better any outcome. So, practice how to write good sentences in English.

Learn to Create Short Sentences

A good way to begin writing or improving IELTS writing skills is to create smaller sentences first. 4-5 words or 5-7 words sentences will be good to begin with. Think about a topic and write simple sentences about it.

Linking Words

There are various ways to create more effective sentences. Focus on these linking words to create some good sentences.

Furthermore, also, in conclusion, to summarize, the first, another, an additional, in addition, frequently, so, as a result, as a consequence, therefore, thus, consequently, hence, due to, as a result of, as a consequence of, result in, firstly, thirdly, next, last finally, in addition, moreover, because, occasionally, also since usually, especially, as well as, because of, the reason for, in particular, actually, specifically

Use these words to lay more emphasis on what you are writing

In fact, particularly especially, undoubtedly, admittedly, in theory, clearly, indeed, obviously, generally etc.

To generalize or to sum up you can these words

In conclusion, in short, in general, in conclusion, to summarize, in brief etc.

For referring back to something (or for restatement or explanation) you can use these words

In other words, in fact, indeed etc.

Words to use surprising statements (in comparison to previous statements)

Of course, no doubt, it is true that

Writing and Revamping Your Rite-Up

You can write during your practice and then focus on improving its quality. For instance, you can make use of words you feel are good and then after completion of your write-up you can focus on ways to improve it. One of the best ways to enhance the quality of the content is to pepper it with right synonyms, or similar phrases.

In place of good, you can write, better / superb / excellent / effective etc.

In place of big, you can use huge / colossal / enormous / gigantic / hefty / immense etc.

Rephrasing Sentences

Emphasize more by changing the order of words or rewriting it in a different way. Study the two sentences closely and notice the differences.


A good cake needs lots of butter to taste good. A good cake should have a sponge-like bounce.

And now this version:

A good cake that has enough butter not only has a sponge-like bounce but also tastes good.

Did you notice the way the information has been presented? The words “not only” and but also make the sentence look sophisticated and give a lot more meaning. This is the way advanced English is used to write a sentence. A well-constructed sentence will impress the IELTS examiner and also get you a high score.