Top IELTS Exam Scorers Shared TOP IELTS Tips To Get Band 7 8 or 9?

Are you ready for IELTS? You have to get ready for the big day. You shall focus on all four sections. You have to work hard if you want to score good band in this test. You will have to work on all four skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening. You should aim high and shall try for good score. Here we have got some useful tips for you. Use these tips to score the best in your IELTS exam.

Work on Weak Areas First

If you want to achieve success you will have to find out what you are weak at and then try to improve it. You need to try to become much stronger. For example, if you are not good at writing, then focus on improving writing skills. Make sure you become a much better at writing.

Focus on More on Reading and Listening Tests

You will have to pay attention to IELTS listening and reading tests. These are the two tests which are objectively graded. On the other hand, tests like speaking and writing are assessed subjectively.

Learning Time Management Skills

You shall know that there will very limited time for the exam. You will have to answer the questions without crossing the time limit for all the tests. For example, reading test will have 40 questions and to complete this test, you will get an hour. So, within this one hour, you will have to answer all forty questions. There will be no time for you to waste. It is always good thing not to waste more of your time on questions which you find difficult to answer. Skipping such difficult questions and moving to the next is always the best thing.

Learning Writing Skills

There will be two tasks in writing test. And it is always good to focus first on second task rather than on first task. You have to make sure you complete it as soon as you can. If you practice tests before the real exam, then it would be good for you. You will learn to manage the time during your real test.

Mock Tests

If you take these mock tests without focusing on instructions, then it would be of no use. You will not get any advantage. For example, if the writing test is of half an hour then you shall complete it well within half an hour. During the practice if you take more time then it will affect your real IELTS score. Once, you learn to take the mock tests and complete them well within the stipulated time then you will get the hang of managing the time as well during the real test.

Enrolling For IELTS Training

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