Common Issues in IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions?

Are you facing difficulty in dealing with multiple choice questions in listening section of IELTS? Do not worry. This article is aimed at providing tips for IELTS listening-multiple choice questions.

Lets us understand the format of questions that are asked in IELTS listening. There are 3 types of multiple choice questions.

Section 1- this is a short answer multiple choice question. A statement will be given and numerous other options including the correct answer will be given.

Sample Questions

Choose the correct letter- A, B or C

1 Type of flightseats chosen

  1. Economy

  2. Business

  3. First Class

2 Food delivered to

  1. Room

  2. Home

  3. Apartment

Section 2- Next in IELTS listening is another set of multiple choice questions that are “complete the sentence type of questions” A sentence stem will be given and it should be completed with one of the options provided.

Sample Questions

1 We are all present in Prayer hall

  1. At birth

  2. Entrance

  3. While attendance

2 American boys tend to drop out of school early than girls due to the reason that

  1. They tend to focus more on sports

  2. They have more inclination towards playing video games

  3. They are not that keen on studying

Section 3- Lastly, in this section of multiple choice questions in IELTS listening, sentences need to be matched with pictures provided

Smart tips in answering multiples choice questions: At time two correct options need to be selected. Answer these in a fashion similar to single choice answers.

Common Issues in IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions

  1. The speaker often reads out all the three choices and you are likely to understand that the speaker is talking about all the three. Just because the speaker is reading it out does not mean it is the right option. Relate the choices with the question.

  2. Options given are usually synonyms or paraphrased. Do not look for the exact same word. Try to understand the meaning and look for synonyms that are a clear expression of the options.

  3. The multiple choice questions are framed such that they all appear similar like synonyms. In these types of choices, misunderstanding is normal. Focus on looking for keywords that will help show the difference in meaning between the options.

  4. Do not thinking that listening sections will only focus on listening. Reading is also an integral part of this section. You have to relate the written options with the listening audio played, so get in practice by underlining words of interest and quickly getting the meanings.

Tips for IELTS “listening” multiple choice questions

  1. If taking a break do not go back to the previous answers. You tend to over think and loose time over them. Just read the multiple choice questions and understand them.

  2. In IELTS Listening search for Keywords and highlight them. These keywords will help in choosing the right answer amongst multiple choices given by differentiating the meanings.

  3. Do not go for the first answer you hear. It’s a trick the examiners deploy to learn how well you understand the context of the audio.

  4. You have multiple choice questions to answer hence do not get stuck over one of it. Time is crucial in IELTS. If unsure, make an educated presumption and go to the next question.

  5. Focus on words like ‘but’ or ‘however’. It means that there is more to the previous sentence and the speaker is going to qualify it.

  6. Practice more to learn more.

  7. Read instructions clearly before attempting to answer.