IELTS Speaking Topics January to April 2019

You need to prepare well for the IELTS speaking test. First familiarize yourself with it.

Of course, it is going to take only 11-14 minutes but it is the time full of confusion, anxiety, nervousness for the candidates.

Most of the candidates are prepared for the test. They know what to say and what not to say.

They get the self-introduction written first. Practice saying that before the test and in front of the interviewer, they make a good impression when asked for self-introduction.

But, what about speaking topics?

Nine time out of ten, candidates who start off with good introduction do not show the same level of language while speaking on the given topics.

The reason is simple: They do not prepare themselves for the speaking topics. It is true that it is very difficult to guess out which topic a test taker may get but still it is important that the preparation shall be done.

Here, we have got some topics you shall get prepared on.

The most trending topics revolve around major categories such as Technology

  1. Sports
  2. Entertainment
  3. History
  4. Food
  5. Education
  6. Weather
  7. Music
  8. Books and films
  9. Travel or Tourism
  10. Society
  11. Health or healthcare

Speaking Topics (Jan-April 2019)

Given below are a few of the speaking topics (from Jan to April 2019)

  • A remote place you are so fond of and wish to visit
  • Describe the book you have recently read
  • A person who you admire the most
  • Teacher who you list the most and why
  • Something about recent public development in your own city
  • A beautiful moment you wish to share with friends
  • Memorable time you have spent with your friends or family
  • Describe the city you live in
  • Your idea of ideal place
  • A time you had to search for true information
  • The time you cherish the most
  • A party you threw for your friends or you went to
  • Something good which you have started for your health
  • Social initiatives which can bring in some change in the society
  • Good news you have recently heard
  • A person who cares more about the society
  • A situation which you find more confusing and demoralizing
  • Sports you love to try
  • TV show you wish to be a part of
  • A film which you have watched recently
  • An actor who you like the most and why
  • Effects of social media on children
  • How to raise the standard of education?
  • Career options you have
  • Recent advancement in science
  • Talk about technology that has direct effect on people

There can be plenty of topics for IELTS Practice. You can pick a topic and practice speaking on it. It is always better to organize your thoughts before you speak.

When you practice speaking before the exam then it will become much easier for you to speak confidently in front of the interviewer.