IELTS Speaking Test Advice From Experts?

IELTS Speaking test is one of the most nerve-racking tests when it comes to IELTS. Facing an interviewer or examiner can be tough. You will be interviewed by a professional, certified speaking test expert. Many of the candidates face trouble when it comes to this face-to-face conversation. They may do well in writing, reading and listening but when it comes to speaking, they lose their confidence and do not perform well.

So, take this useful speaking test advice and get yourself prepared for it so that you can easily manage to get a band score of 7 or above.

Part 1, 2 and 3

The examiner will want you to feel relaxed. So, he or she may ask you questions about you, your family, friends, study, work, goals, future plans etc. The intention here is to make you feel more comfortable. If you can prepare yourself for these general questions then you will be able to answer perfectly well. Yes, you will have to be ready with the answers for all possible questions related to work, study etc.

Your words shall reflect confidence. Make sure you use the right words to describe the given topic to you (Part 2). You will have to speak at least for a couple of minutes on the given topic. You shall not stop or hesitate. If you stop or hesitate your band score will go down. That is the reason why some of the interviewers push you to speak more on the given topic when they see candidate has stopped speaking. And you will have to answer as precisely so you can for questions which follow (in Part 3).

Speak Naturally

It is certainly not necessary that you put on some fake accent or speak like how the foreigners speak. Yes, it is really not important. In fact, this will make you look stupid. Moreover, examiners do not like candidates who try to mimic foreign accent (UK, US, Australian etc). This means you will have to your own self. Be you. Speak naturally. Speak as you speak normally in you day to day life.

Practice Before The Test

It is always good to take time before taking the real IELTS speaking test. You can practice speaking with one of your family members, friends or teachers. This will help you a lot with boosting confidence in you. Let the one who is going to act for you as an examiner or interviewer ask you plenty of questions. Ask him or her to pinpoint your mistakes and correct you as required so that you can know more of where you lack and how much improvement is needed in order to get through it.

Talk as much as you can and talk sense. You just do not have to blabber. Speak in chunks. Try to be as fluent as you can and be more spontaneous.

Remember, you will have to speak more than the examiner. And more importantly, you shall not stop yourself from asking questions if needed, if you find any trouble or if you do not understand anything. Ask for clarification as needed when you are confused.