IELTS Listening Common Mistakes To Avoid?

IELTS Listening test is going to be challenging for you, the test-taker. Whether you are going to take Academics or General, it is just going to be the same for you. Yes, there will be no differences. You will be required to answer 40 questions well within 30 minutes of time. Of course, you will have 10 minutes extra time to transfer your answers. There will be four sections.

First Section – It will be a conversation on general topics between two people.

Second Section – This will be a monologue. Yes, there will be one speaker and he or she will be presenting his or her thoughts on the particular topic.

Third Section – This is going to be a bit complex. There can be three, four or five speakers who will be talking about one particular topic (example, a group of students talking about exam preparation or exam results).

Fourth Section – This is going to be a monologue again. But, this can be much lengthier than the monologue which you may get in section 2.

Each of these sections will have 10 questions.

The recorded conversations and monologues will be played for you and you are required to listen to them and answer the questions accordingly. Of course, the instructions will be provided to you at the beginning of each and every bit of conversation or speech. For instance, you will be requested to check questions before the audio is played. The questions will be in order and you will be answering only those questions which revolve around conversation or speech you may listen to in smaller chunks.

What is needed to score higher in IELTS listening test?

It is always better to get prepared for the test.

Accent Knowledge- If you are the one who is not aware of the different accents such as American, Australian, Canadian or British then it is important that you first pay more attention to getting yourself acquainted with them. If you know how particular words are pronounced in different ways with respect to UK, US, Australian or Canadian English then you will be able to listen to the recordings and understand them well.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

When you are asked to look at the questions before the recordings then you should.

Most of the students do not pay attention to this because of which they do not answer the questions correctly.

Do not spend more time no one particular question.

If you do not know the answer to any questions it is important to skip it. You should not spend more of your time on one particular question as this can kill most of your test time and you will not be able to answer the rest of the questions in a right way.

Do not just look for relevant words (words you may get in questions)

During the listening test, most of the candidates try to find relevant words which they have got in the question so that they can arrive at the answer but this doesn’t help them. At least, not always. Because speaker or the speakers might be making use of close synonyms in order to talk about the same thing.

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