IELTS Listening 2021?

“What did you say?” “Can you go over it again?” “I am sorry, I missed that.

You can ask questions when you do not get anything when someone says something to you? But, when it comes to IELTS listening, you do not have any second chance. You will have to be good enough to listen to the speakers and frame your answers accordingly.

Get to know about the test

IELTS Listening will be 30 minutes long. You will get to listen to four different audios and you will have to answer all the questions given. There will be 40 questions. 10 questions for each audio.

You will have to be good enough to listen to what the speakers are saying and then provide the answers. To improve your score, it is important that you practice different types of listening situations. Listen to conversations, lectures, chatting, discussions, meetings, or seminars.

Pick interesting topics

During your practice you can pick topics that are of your interest. This will help you practice well. If you love history, you can listen to some documentaries or stories that speak of the historical events or monuments.

Audio books

Do you know there are plenty of audio books available online? Yes, there are novels, story books and other books on various genres. You can pick one of those books and listen to them to improve your listening.

Now-a-days, you can also listen to websites too as many of the websites have this feature called “Listen to web page.” You can click on the icon “Listen” and it will read for you the text. This will also help you a lot with practicing.

Check, recheck what you listen to

You can listen to any content and then you can check and recheck whether you have listened properly or not. While listening you can make notes as well. After the end of the practice you can check your notes with the scripts as well.

Look for the synonyms

One of the most important things that you will have to focus on is use of the synonyms. You can find some keywords in the question and you may wait for the speaker to say those keywords or make use of them but generally, it doesn’t happen. As the speakers will be using synonyms or other similar phrases. So, you will have to be intelligent enough to find words or phrases that matches in the question or on which question is framed

Take Mock Tests

Mock tests play a crucial role in developing your understanding of IELTS. You will get to know more about the difficulties inherent in the test. You will learn to manage your time. The more you practice, the better it will be for you. You will learn to avoid common mistakes. You will become adept at listening to speakers and grabbing the correct answers for all the questions.

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