IELTS Exam Preparation Tips Academic Writing Paper Part 1 and 2?

Writing Test in IELTS is all about how good you are at writing. If you are good at writing, then it is easy for you. If you are not so good at it, then it can be difficult for you. Out of all four skills judged in the IELTS exam, writing is the most difficult one.

Most of the candidates do not score high in it. Because, they do not know what is needed to score the best.

If you are going to take the IELTS exam, you can pass it easily if you focus on some tips.

In this article, we have talked about what you can do for ielts practice to get through writing test.

In the IELTS writing test, you will have two parts. You will have an hour. In part there can be graphical data and in part 2 there can be an essay (sometimes, it can be an argumentative type of essay).

In order to do well, you need to understand the task.

You will have to focus on question first. Get to know more about it and try to picture out how you can do it well. You need to make a plan before you start.

You will have to write as guided. You need to follow the instructions.

You shall not copy words or phrases given in the question, especially in part 1. It is needed that you shall rewrite everything you get when it comes to headings. If you copy the same words, then you will lose marks.

You need to manage your time. There will be 20 minutes for part 1 and 40 minutes for part 2. Before you start, you shall spend at least, one or two minute(s) on creating the structure for your answer.

For part 1, you will have to complete the answer in 150 words. And for the part 2, you will have to complete the answer by making use of 250 words. It is always good to write as suggested and shall not cross the word-limit. However, you can write some 20-30 words more but not more than that. Otherwise, you will be penalized for this. And you will not be able to get good score in it.

You have to use as many words as you can. And you shall not repeat words again and again.

Use of synonyms is also recommended.

Use formal vocabulary. Refrain from using informal vocabulary or slang.

Divide your answer in paragraphs.

Try to write a small paragraph first (approximately of 40 to 50 words) and then two or three other paragraphs.

Try to make use of different forms of sentences. Include complex sentences as required.

Coherence shall be there in your article. If paragraphs do not talk about one particular subject, then it will not look good.

Proofread before submitting the answer. You need to check out the answer well before you submit. Who knows there can be some errors. So, pay more attention to proofreading.