How to Present Yourself For the IELTS Speaking Test?

IELTS Speaking can be very tough. But, if you know what to do then it can be a piece of cake for you. You can easily get through it.

Most of the candidates do not manage to get a good score only because they do not present themselves well. It is important that you should learn to present yourself well. Otherwise, it can be difficult to get your desired score.

In this article, we tell you how you need to present yourself and get a good that you really need.

Dress sensibly

Well, you can wear formal or informal. There are no restrictions. But, it is always good to dress sensibly.  Appearance also plays a very important role in IELTS speaking test. It is not a scoring criterion but still, you need to dress well.  You do not have to put on a coat or a tie. Be as simple as you can. But, look decent. That is the formula to create a good impression.

Be prepared

You should prepare what you need to say. For instance, the first part of the test will be simple. You will be asked simple questions about yourself, your education, job, family, friend, likes or dislikes and other things. You can prepare yourself. You can pick some of the commonest questions and make the answers ready for them too.

You do not have to mug up answers

IELTS trainers are experts at identifying artificial language. If you give answers that you have mugged up then they may put some other questions to identify your English language skills. Therefore, it is important that you should give answers as naturally as you can. Do not show that you have crammed these answers.

Body language is also a key part of communication

Body language also plays a crucial role when you speak to people in front of you. If you want to communicate confidence, it is necessary that you should sit with your shoulders back. Keep your chest high, and chin raised. Maintain eye contact when you speak to the person.  Show that you are engaged in the conversation. 

Good Grammar

Good grammar is one of the criteria of IELTS scoring. If you want to score higher, focus on what you are saying. The sentences should be grammatically correct. Wrong grammar will never be accepted. If you speak wrong English, your score will go down.

Variety of Sentences

Use a variety of sentences. You need to use as many different types of sentences as you can. This will help you get a good score in your IELTS.

Do not interrupt

When your IELTS trainer or the interviewer speaks, you shall not interrupt. Interrupting will be a bad thing. Your interviewer may ask you questions in order to analyze your language skills. So, keep yourself calm. Don’t just jump to answering the questions. Listen carefully. Let the interviewer finish his or her talk and then you can speak.

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