What Will Be There in My IELTS Reading?

Reading is a skill that is mastered with practice.  IELTS Reading is not the same as that of the common text reading or reading at school or university. 

This is different as one has to read with analytical bent of mind. 60 minutes and 40 questions. A big task. Yes, you have got that right. 

A test taker shall read the text quickly and more efficiently. 
A test taker shall be able to manage the time, answer the questions within stipulated time. 

Three passages of varied lengths and 40 questions to answer. 

Content for the reading test would be different both for the General Training and Academics.  

Generally, there will be three long texts in Academic Reading, but in General Training, two long passages and one common passage (Three could be pieces of advertisements, notices, issues etc.) 

How will IELTS Test Content? What are the common IELTS test content resources? 

Passages can be more discursive, factual, analytical, descriptive, argumentative etc). Common resources for these types of passages are online journals, books, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, notifications, guidelines, handbooks, manuals, research papers and other academic resources.  

The reading test in IELTS aims at identifying a wide range of reading skills, including comprehension, analytical skills.

  • Whether you are capable enough to read for the main ideas
  • Whether you understand well what you read or partially implied 
  • Whether you can recognize opinions, views, suggestions, purposes, aims of the writers.  
  • Whether you correctly follow the development of ideas, suggestions, recommendation as given in the passage.  


  • Fill gaps, complete the table, label the diagram
  • Match headings 
  • Complete the incomplete sentences 
  • Complete the incomplete information given in a table 
  • Short answer questions 
  • Multiple choice questions etc. 

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