Useful Phrases For IELTS Writing?

For many candidates, the IELTS essay is one big thing that hinders them from achieving a good score. If you are also one of those candidates who fear IELTS Writing essays and need some guidance, then you are at the right place.

Make use of these simple phrases or word-groups to make your essay more meaningful and attractive. But, take note of it that the advice, suggestions or recommendations provided are for the purpose of practicing how to write well. You can make use of a few of them to begin your essay in your real IELTS exam too.

For introducing

You can introduce your essay in one of the following manners

  • This essay will analyze (issue here)
  • It is undeniable that the (issue here) is one of the most pressing issues in (country)
  • It is an established fact that the (issue here)
  • It is commonly believed in many of the countries that (issue here)

Phrases that can be used for the body paragraphs (Generally for the opinions / views)

If you are explaining an opposing thought, then it is better to begin with “However.”

You can say as follows:

  • However, it should be taken into consideration that (information here)
  • However, it should be taken into account that the (information here).

Providing examples

In your essay, it will be important to support your views or opinions by providing some examples. These examples are often drawn from personal experiences. Based on the topic you will have to think of a good example that can support your opinions.

For instance, studies conducted recently by the (information here) show that (information here).

The problem can be better explained with the following example.

  • A good example of this is that (information here)
  • For instance, (information here)
  • Such as (information here)
  • The best example is (information here)
  • There are many such cases that take place and that go unnoticed.
  • It is fairly easy to understand the issues that are common
  • I do not say that I agree with (information goes here)
  • I strongly oppose / suggest / recommend that (information)
  • Numerous studies conducted on this subject have led to the conclusion that (information).
  • However, it can be concluded that (information)
  • It is easy to comprehend that the (information here)
  • Not all the people support this because (information)

Express your opinions using the following word-groups or phrases

  • I believe that
  • I think that
  • I feel that
  • Personally, I feel that
  • As far as I am concerned
  • In my views
  • From my point of view / viewpoint

These are the common words that can be used when you have to combine two different sentences or thoughts

  • Furthermore
  • In addition to
  • Likewise
  • On top of that
  • However
  • But
  • Nevertheless
  • Additionally

Comparing two things

In your writing task in IELTS you will also have to be good at comparing things. There can be two or more than two things that you may have to compare. Make use of these common word groups or phrases to compare things in the right way.

  • In contrast
  • By comparison
  • Comparing this with the other, it can be said that the latter is / the former is (information here)
  • Meanwhile
  • On the other hand
  • However

Use the following word groups or phrases when you have to say that one thing will happen only after another thing happens

  • On the condition that
  • Provided that
  • As long as
  • Unless
  • Supporting that
  • Otherwise

Use these word-groups or phrases when you are introducing any reason

  • As a result
  • As a consequence
  • Therefore
  • Accordingly, that
  • On that account
  • For that reason

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