Tips To Write An Essay in IELTS Writing

You will have to write an essay in your IELTS Writing Task 2. Of course, it will be small. The word-length will be 250 words. Yes, it is true that there is no upper word limit but it is always good to follow the rules.

Express, Don’t Try To Impress

Your first goal should be to express your thoughts. What do you feel about the given topic? Do not try to impress. Remember, good writing is all about the quality of the words you are using. It is not about the quantity. It is about how you have covered all the things that you are asked to. 

Simple Sentences Will Be The Best

A write-up that is simple is always effective. You do not have to write a long essay with long or run-on sentences. Try to write simple sentences. Your essay doesn’t have to be complex. 

Use Active Voice

Your essay should be in active voice. That is one of the major requirements to create a great essay. Do not use passive forms.

Avoid Using Jargon

Of course, not everyone can understand when you say “phospholipid bilayer” but when you say “cell membrane”, it will become easy for the people to understand what you are using.

You may know that “pyrexia” is nothing but the same thing as “a fever” but it is always better to make use of simple vocabulary. Because, your IELTS examiner will not be impressed with your jargon. Rather, it will affect your score negatively.

Rewriting and Revamping

If you are taking computer-based IELTS then there is an option for you to rewrite or revamp any part of the essay or the complete essay as you want. You can check the sentences and rewrite if you are not happy. Of course paper-based IELTS will not offer this flexibility. Your write-up gets dirtier. It may not look good if you try to wipe out or rewrite. Or you will have to write your essay again on another sheet (as you can anytime ask for an extra answer sheet).


Do not forget to proofread the essay. It is one of the important tasks that most of the candidates skip as they do not save time to do it. If you can try to complete your essay within 30-34 minutes, you will have at least 6-10 minutes to check the essay. Look out for the typos, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, lexical errors, etc.

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