Study Work Live in Canada With IELTS?

Do you wish to study, work, live in Canada? Well, you will have to take IELTS. IELTS is one of the important documents which you will need for applying to study work, permanent residence in Canada.  

Migrating to Canada has become a trend. There are many people (student's, professionals etc.) who select Canada to be their destination for the higher studies, work or quality living. If you aspire to study, work or live in Canada then it is what you need to know. You will have to submit your application plus other documents such as IELTS. 

IELTS is accepted international test, evidence of English language proficiency. If you are the one who is applying for studies, work visa, PR (permanent residence), professional registration in Canada then you will need to show your test result. This is mandatory to submit along with your application to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and citizenship Canada). The IELTS score is also accepted for Canadian citizenship.

Almost all of the popular colleges, universities in Canada accept IELTS score. There are professional organizations which look for the best score in it. (minimum language requirement for professional registration).  

What Score is Needed?

Well, the score that is needed to work or study in Canada depend on following: The college or the university where you are applying to, the organization where you intend to work 

Colleges, universities, employers have the liberty to set specific language requirements. Some might require to get at least 6 or others may look for 7 or 7 above.

Preparing for the Test 

The first step to success in this international language test is preparation. You certainly need to find time for it. You shall know what you are going to get in the test and should be prepared for it. You can make use of free resources to get ready for it. There is wide range of material available online which can be used for gaining perfection in all the four modules of the test such as IELTS Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The official IELTS site also provides some sample material and premium material which can be used to prepare for it and enhance the score in it. 

Or you have this wonderful option to select online preparation site where you can select your desire package and prepare for it online. You will take plenty of mock tests and get your tests evaluated on the go. You can expect to receive tutor support that is on par with excellence.  

Where to Take the Test?

No matter where you are, you can take the test with no difficulty. You just need to apply for it and select suitable dates. You can reach British Council site ( You can select your country and select the date you want to take the test on. 

Are you ready for the IELTS? Get prepared for it online using our innovative IELTS preparation site. Our online learning portal provides you with flexibility and convenience you need to get ready for it the easy way.