Myths About IELTS?

Here, we have listed down some myths that revolve around IELTS.

Myth 1

It Is Not That Difficult

It is never going to be simple for you. Yes, you should know this at the onset itself. If you take it with no seriousness, you may not get a good score you wish to get at it or which is needed for you to get admission in one of your dreamt universities in English-speaking countries (where IELTS is applicable).

Myth 2

It Is All About Game of English

Well, to a certain extent, it is true but it should be mentioned that even those who are good at English get failed at it (meaning, they do not manage to get a good score at it). It is good to be confident about one’s own English language skills but one should know that in order to get through it you should have some analytical bent of mind too. You will have to have intelligence enough to get through it because there is more science connected to it.

Myth 3

IELTS is Same Across All Countries

Well, across the globe, both the versions such as General and Academics will be the same for the candidates on the same day. But, it is not going to be simple, as we have already mentioned in the beginning. But, it should be mentioned that you should not expect to get the same type of test again when you apply for its second time.

Myth 4

One Can Easily Breeze Through it Even Without Preparation

If you have enrolled for the test, it is time that you start preparing for it because, without proper preparation, you may not get through it. Do not think, your English is strong and that you can easily scrape through it. No, it can be difficult. Only preparatory or sample tests which you might take will help you understand more about the difficulty levels. During your preparation, you will also learn how to tackle those challenges and find your way to success at it.

Myth 5

I Can Take the Test Just Once- There is no Re-exam

IELTS can be taken as many times as you may want. If you get failed at it once, you can apply for it again next month. But, we would suggest that you should pay more attention preparation first before re-applying for it.

Myth 6

Western Accent Plays a Crucial Role in Getting Through Speaking Test

Well, you do not have to talk like a foreigner to get through your speaking test. What all you have to focus on is sounding natural. Yes, you will have to speak as naturally as you can without trying to copy western accent. Speak in your accent but speak with more confidence. Your grammar may make a lot of difference.

Myth 7

It is Impossible to Get Band Score 8 in IELTS

To be honest, you can score, band 9 as well. You just need to showcase your English language skills. Candidates even get a band score from 9.1 to 9.9 as well. It is all about how you perform your test.