Learn on the Go with IELTS7BAND Mobile Application?

Gone are the days when the IELTS test takers had to give plenty of their time to get prepared for the test. But, now it is all very simple. There are IELTS preparation websites and applications which can help one get prepared for the test in an easy way. But, you need to select one of the best IELTS preparation site or mobile app and IELTS7Band is the best.  

Learning / preparing for the IELTS using IELTS Mobile Application 

Learning or preparation for the IELTS can be made fun and more interactive. Yes, with mobile app, it can be easy to get prepared for the test.  

Do you wish to get a good score in IELTS?

IELTS7Band Mobile Application can certainly make learning and preparation simple for the IELTS candidates.

Important Features

All-in-One IELTS mobile application 

IELTS7Band mobile app is an all-in-one app which has been designed and developed with the sole purpose to help the candidates prepare for the IELTS in a simple way. Now, candidates do not have to look for or install multiple apps on Reading, Writing, Speaking or Listening. All these four sections have been put together. There are plenty of mock tests, preparation material for the learners. So, take the  IELTS mock tests as per your convenience. This saves your time and give you access to preparation in a smart way. 


IELTS7Band mobile app is 100% user-friendly. It comes with helpful user-interface. It can be used with no difficulty at all. Simple navigation. No hurdles. Everything is on your fingertips. You click on it and you get it. No confusion.

Android / iOS devices

The mobile application is compatible with all Android / iOS devices.

Free Preparation Material

There will be plenty of free preparation material for the candidates. Download the app to get access to FREE IELTS test papers. Candidates can take the test and get the score instantly.

Accessing Premium Material 

Candidates have this option to upgrade and get access to premium material. There will be plenty of test papers and with no limit on how many times you would like to take the test. You can take any test and submit it to get instant results. 

Safe and Secure 

It is 100% safe and secure. Your information is protected. 

Tips & Tricks

You can access tips and tricks on every section of the IELTS. Learn more about how you can get through IELTS speaking, writing, listening or reading. Simple tips and tricks are explained for your convenience and to help you get prepared for the exam in a smart way.

Download IELTS7Band Mobile APP for IELTS Preparation (Get it on Google Play / Download it from the App Store)

Want to get prepared for the IELTS? Download IELTS7Band Mobile App. You will have access to test papers and you can practice to improve your score.

You will get access to FREE Material. You can take FREE tests as long as you want to or you can upgrade to get premium material. Simple and secure payment method. So, download today to learn on the go, from anywhere, anytime.