IELTS Writing Test Top TEN ERRORS To Avoid?

Do you want to make your write-up perfect? You do not have to be an expert grammarian. Even if you know a few things in English grammar then it is enough for you.

Here, we have listed down some incorrect and correct sentences. Check out.

Incorrect: There is many dusts.

Correct: There is much dust / There is a lot of dust.

Incorrect: There is more courages in him / her.

Correct: There is more courage in him / her.

Incorrect: The team had very less funs

Correct: The team had very less fun.

Incorrect: There were lesser people.

Correct: There were few people (there were a few people)

Incorrect: It was Martha’s and Ana’s furniture shop.

Correct: It was Martha and Ana’s furniture shop.

Incorrect: I know Marie that lives in our neighborhood.

Correct: I know Marie who lives in our neighborhood.

Incorrect: These are my son and daughter

Correct: They are my son and daughter. .

Incorrect: Do you feel good?

Correct: Do you feel well?

Incorrect: Does she sing good?

Correct: Does she sing well?

Incorrect: I tried my level best to speak to him quiet.

Correct: I tried my level best to speak to him quietly.

Incorrect: I do not feel badly.

Correct: I do not feel bad.

Incorrect: One of the students are s lazy.

Correct: One of the students is lazy.

Incorrect: Each of these stories are written by his co-writer.

Correct: Each of these stores us written by his co-writer.

Incorrect: Wages for the employees at the firm is very little

Correct: Wages for the employee at the firm is very little.

Incorrect: The police is making the laws strict.

Correct: The police are making the laws strict.

Incorrect: Marshal tried to find faults with her often

Correct: Marshall often tried to find faults with her.

Incorrect: The maid tried to wash all of the dishes

Correct: The maid tried to wash almost all of the dishes.

Similarly, there are certain groups or combinations of the words which seem inappropriate as per the grammar rules. Do not make use of these word groups or word combination in your IELTS writing tests.

  • Close proximity
  • Grateful thanks
  • Local residents
  • Old adage
  • Young teenage
  • Advanced planning
  • Absolute truth
  • True facts
  • Usual customary
  • Successful achievements
  • Self-confessed
  • Redo again
  • Absolute truth
  • Old adage
  • Past history
  • Habitual customs
  • End results etc.

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