IELTS Writing Formula For Band Score 9?

Do you think you can’t write well?

You can write well. Focus on five important aspects of writing to be good at writing. You can easily get through the IELTS writing test.

Linking paragraphs

The most important thing in writing is linking the paragraphs. Each and every paragraph that you write shall be linked well. There shall be no ambiguity. There shall be no deviation of any kind.

Do not overcomplicate

It is important to be very clear while writing. Make use of simple sentences. Do not complicate things. The examiner may not show interest if you write something in a complicated manner. Simple sentences are always good to explain the things. Add the sentences making use of the right conjunctions.

Focus on key ideas

Do not leave out any important points. Read the instructions and plan first how you can structure your essay or letter. You need to pay attention to all the key points.

For the purpose of practice

Practice can make anyone perfect. Before taking the IELTS it is recommended that the candidates shall work on some samples. Pick any topic and try to write at least 250 words on the same. You can pick a topic that you are more comfortable with.

Make sure you use the right examples to support your ideas or views

In the writing test, you may get essays which ask you to include a relevant example. Most of the candidates read the instructions but do not pay attention to what the actual question is. When you are asked to add any example then it becomes necessary that you shall add the example. An answer without a proper example will get low cmars.

So, do not forget to include the example or examples as needed. Try to link these examples with the right ideas.

Be aware of the word count

Of course, you are not asked to write a book. So, be very careful. Pay attention to the word count that is needed. Write no more than 250 words. That is recommended. However, anything that is less than 250 words may lower down the score. But, if you write 20-30 words extra than what is needed, then it doesn’t matter much.