IELTS Writing Essay Samples

Do you like writing?

During your school or college days, you must have written letters and essays. You must have performed well in crafting some beautiful stories. 

But, the IELTS Writing Test demands some special writing skills. It is not just about writing anything. It is all about writing with all coherence, accuracy in grammar, punctuation, right lexical resources, etc. 

To be honest, academic IELTS is far more difficult than the IELTS general training module. Without enough understanding of the test criteria, it can’t be possible to get a good score in it. 

Once, you become aware of the IELTS writing test criteria, it is time to find some unique titles. Titles that appeared in the previous IELTS tests are better for you. As these tasks give you an idea of what to expect in IELTS. 

We have listed down some of the common IELTS Essay Topics for you. Try developing an essay on these topics. This practice will truly help you a lot with improving your writing skills. 

IELTS Essay Sample Topics

  • Do you think female leadership is more effective and it is a better option to curb inequalities at corporate offices? Why and why not?
  • Most of people spend a lot of money on celebrating festivals and important occasions in their lives? Do you think it is right? Do you think it is a waste of money? Support your answer with some examples.  
  • Do you think movies affect our thinking or attitude? How? Give your views. 
  • Can you explain a few ways money can be used to help remove poverty in under developing countries? 
  • What do you think is the cause of the people suffering from stress-related problems? Is it due to a busy life/desire to make big money? Support your answer with some examples. 
  • Do you agree children learn from parents? Do you agree parents are the first teachers to their kids? Why and why not? 
  • Successful people are the role models for the youngsters? Do you agree or not? Give your views.  
  • What are the advantages of learning a foreign language? How learning a foreign language at primary school can help students?
  • Do you think a man should help a woman with cooking? Why and why not?
  • Today, people are more depended on technology gadgets? Do you think this obsession with technology is good or bad? Support your views with one example.  
  • What shall be the main purpose of pursuing higher studies? Earning? Or improving knowledge? Support your views with at least one example. 
  • The government should provide care and financial support to elderly people. Do you agree or do you not agree? 
  • Today, small kids spend a lot of time playing games on mobile? Do you think it is good? How will this affect their mental and physical growth? 
  • Parents should gift their children from time-to-time as gifts can encourage them to perform well in their studies? Do you agree or not?
  • Do you think sports play an important in our society? How? 
  • Can you suggest some measures on how the government should provide support for elderly people?
  • Some TV serials can destroy family life? Do you agree or not? 
  • What do you prefer - in-store shopping or online shopping? Support your views with at least one example. 

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