IELTS upcoming with single component retake?

IELTS as an International English language Testing System gives the score for all L, S, R, W (listening, speaking, reading, writing) skills once the student finishes the exam either in 5 days or maximum by 10 days.

Generally, we see every student suffers to get the good score in any one module because of its toughness and streaming evaluations. 

If student gets the satisfying score in individual module according to the university requirement, then they will be content on it but if the student doesn’t get the required score of the university or the migration level requirement then they need to reappear the exam for all modules till now.

Wherein, now we got a latest update that, IELTS one component can be written separately if the score of any single module marks is not satisfactory. Low performance happens by varied reasons like attempting by not knowing what the modules are or what is the strategy to do different modules or in a hurry to finish the exam anyone as such can be the reasons because of which students will miss out on many important parameters.

So, IELTS have announced to start with single module exam retake from the coming year 2023 March itself in few cities which is as equal to OET single
module exam retake. This has to have few more addressing points like, how many times a student can appear like this and what will be the fee structure to it.

Unless March is nearing, we cannot get more clarity on these aspects but should say that after pandemic there are lot many tremendous changes which have come in IELTS examination conduction.

This would be the great opportunity for the student who would love to go abroad with a good score either as migrant or for university admissions.

Hence, come join us for online practices and get the gratifying score to fly abroad.

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