IELTS Success Story?

Relentless Persevarence For Band Score 9

If you ask anyone is it possible to get a band score 9 in IELTS? Then you may get an answer as no, it is not easy. I took IELTS twice. When I first took the IELTS, I got only band score 6. That was shocking for me. I thought I would be able to cross a band score of 7 or 8 very easily. Because I knew my English was good. But, then, little did I know about the science behind the IELTS. 

Yes, no matter how good your English is, there is some science in IELTS that you need to know about. You need to practice in order to understand the complex characteristics of the test. Of course, it is all about reading, writing, listening and speaking skills but still, you will have to have sound understanding of the complexities involved in the test. 

So, how will you deal with the problems in IELTS 

Let me tell you what I did. When I first took the IELTS, I didn’t check any sample test paper. I just got some IELTS material when I booked the slot for the IELTS. That material was helpful in understanding more about the structure of the test I didn’t read the material or use it for practice. I just looked at the IELTS paper pattern and then I thought I would be able to crack it. But, I was not able to. 

Then I realized that not spending time on the IELTS Practice was my mistake. Of course, I am a working professional. And I often do not get time. And it was not possible for me to go to any institute and learn. Then, one of my friends, suggested that I should think of enrolling for the IELTS online as it will save me time and resolve my problems too. So, the search for the IELTS online training began. After careful research on the internet, I stumbled upon  It was my first experience of learning online. I enrolled for the trial session. And I got the opportunity to take one sample test. That was working for me. And then, I decided to go for the premium version. For over two months, I took the sample tests that were there on the IELTS training website. And yes, the support from the tutor was amazing. 

I could see my reading test and listening test scores instantly. No sooner did I submit the tests, the score was generated. And for the writing test, I submitted the answers that were closely analyzed by the team of experts at I received guidance and support from the team every step of the way. 

Two months of rigorous practice and the support from the team at finally made me more proficient in IELTS and I was able to crack it well with a good band score. When I attempted the test second time, I got the band score 9. That was amazing. Thanks to for being so very helpful and supportive.