IELTS Speaking Blunders?

Do you speak good English? Or do you speak well English?

I am sorry for that grammatical error. But, this is common and a large number of candidates commit many such mistakes.


How are you doing?

For the question given above, pick the right answer.

  1. I am good.

  2. I am doing good.

  3. I am doing well.

Obviously, if you pick the FIRST TWO Answers then you are wrong.

The right answer is “I am doing well.”

Just think of it, if in any case, the speaker greets you and asks you “how you are doing?”

And if you give a wrong answer, how your first impression will be? It will speak of your bad English language skills. It is true that IELTS interviewers are smart and they do not jump to conclusions or judge your language. They just do their job. Everything you say wil be recorded. And your recorded voice is graded by other trained IELTS correction committee.

English is a complicated language. It is important to learn basic ielts grammar rules. It is important to have good vocabulary. People shall know which words they can use as per the demanding situations.

Consider the following sentence:

“It was Ana’s and Marlow’s Birthday.”

Do you think it is correct? Think twice.

It is not CORRECT. The correct sentence would be as follows: “It was Ana and Marlow’s Birthday.”

So, why such a change? What is the difference. Why can’t you add Apostrophe to Ana when it is Ana’s car too?

But that is the rule. That is what English Grammar says. Add Apostrophe to second in ROW. not all that are there in the ROW.

Now, consider this sentence:

“I have talked to my brother that lives in London.”

Do you think the sentence given above is correct? Again, think twice.

The correct sentence would demand the USE of WHO and not THAT. Because people take WHO and not THAT.

Correct sentence will be as follows: “I have talked to my brother who lives in London.”

Similarly, the sentence, “Ms. Ana sings good” is incorrect and Ms. Ana sings well” is correct.

Correct: Martha speaks to me quietly.

Incorrect: Martha speaks to me quiet.

But, word BAD may not take LY.

I feel bad” is correct but “I feel badly” is certainly bad English.

His clothes smell badly” is incorrect, whereas “His clothes smell bad” is correct.

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