IELTS Reading Smart Test Preparation Tips?

Listed down are a few of the important IELTS tips that can be useful for you when you take IELTS reading. .

Not A Simple Reading Test

Reading skills need a special set of skills. There are many candidates who have a misconception that they are good at reading and they can get the answers very quickly. To be honest, IELTS Reading is not a simple reading test. There is some science in this reading test. You just can’t read the paragraph or find the answer within the paragraph easily. You need to predict, analyze, spot the correct information, compare, etc. It is going to be pretty much complex. It is true that IELTS General may not be that difficult but IELTS Academic can be very tough.

Guess Intelligently When You Do Not Know

All the answers are there in the passages but you will have to find them. Often, answers are hidden by making use of synonyms, long or short sentences.

Given below is an extract. Please, check out.

Hyperpyrexia in children

Kawasaki syndrome or disease is one of the main potential reasons for hyperpyrexia. This is especially found in small children. This causes serious inflammation. Arteries that are of medium sized often get affected. One of the first signs of this disease is high fever which can lead to hyperpyrexia, if not treated at the right time.

Question: What is the term used to define high fever?

Answer: Hyperpyrexia

Because, Hyperpyrexia is a medical term that is used for very high fever.

The simple trick used here is this: The word “Hyper” in general sense will mean very high. So, the word Hyperpyrexia can be selected as the answer. Moreover, other words define some other things.

Of course, you need to be good at reading. But, more importantly, you will have to think intelligently. You can’t arrive at the answers until or unless you analyze the given information properly. 

Take IELTS Reading Practice Tests

To get more familiar with the IELTS reading, it is important that you should take some IELTS practice tests. These will give you a good idea of how the real test would be. You can come to know of different types of questions that are there in the test. How easy or difficult these questions can be to answer?

Don’t Be Panic

There can be some questions which will be very tricky.  Or questions that may confuse you a lot. The key to success is not to get panicked while answering the questions if you do not understand anything. If you find anything difficult to answer, jump to the next. You can come back to such difficult questions later as well.

Vocabulary Tests

Most of the candidates do not manage to get a good score because of lack of vocabulary. The type of passages one may get in the IELTS reading may vary a lot. It can be an article talking about university, a historical monument, a city, an equipment, a process, a historical event, etc. so, if you have good vocabulary you will be in a state to understand anything perfectly well and answer the questions too.

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