How Much To Speak In IELTS Speaking

IELTS speaking analyzes your speaking skills. The test will last for about 11-14 minutes.

The candidates often are confused about how much to speak. If you are also one of them then this article is for you.

To be very honest, you are required to speak as needed. The role of thumb is as follows:

You shall speak as much as possible. But, you should not say anything that is out of order or that is not needed.

Check out these two examples:

Question: Can you tell me about yourself?

Answer 1

I am Alex. I am a software developer. I am working at XYZ company. I am passionate about coding.

Answer 2

I am Alex. I am a student. I am not working anywhere. I love sports. Just last Sunday, I was at XYZ stadium. I do not miss any cricket match. I am a fan of Aaron Finch, Australian captain.


If you do not know what to say, limit yourself to only a few specific sentences that describe you well. Answer 1 is a good example of this situation.

Answers 2 is regarded as irrelevant. Of course, there are no errors. But, still, you are speaking too much. It is not needed. 

It is true that you should speak as much as possible.  The more you speak, the better it is for you. You can get a higher score. But, you are required to speak on a topic connected, or the question asked.

Do not talk incessantly

Speak slowly but clearly. But, yes, there should be no long pauses. You should know where to stop and when not to stop as well. Remember, you should overcome hesitation. Otherwise; it may affect your score.

Do not repeat things

You should not repeat things. There are some candidates who tend to repeat things. For instance, they say something and then they try to give an explanation of it.

Check out these examples:

I am workaholic. I am obsessed with work. I am fond of it. I feel a little uneasy when I do not go to the office.

Add a variety to your language

Try to speak by making use of different forms of sentences.

Can you describe a place you have recently visited?


I love traveling. Last time, I visited Alleppey – The Backwater Hot Spot. What a sight it is! I Mesmerizing. Amazing. I have no words to describe the beauty of it. In fact, it is one of the top destinations in Kerala for the tourists. The cobbled pathways, much cleaner and zig zag roads will equally attract you.

The answer given above uses various forms of sentences. Simple to exclamatory, complex structures, etc.

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