Handy Tips For The IELTS Candidates

IELTS is not going to be easy for you. Yes, that is a fact and it should be accepted. Each and every module with respect to speaking, listening, writing and reading will take you to a route of difficulties where you will find yourself entangled in what can be the right answers for the given questions, how to respond, what to do etc.

Of course, all four tests with respect to four different skills are going to have their own difficulty level but still, the most challenging part can be reading test. Here, in today’s post, we are going to discuss what you can do in order to get through your IELTS reading test. Our quick tips and insights will help you gain score you are yearning for. So, pay a little more focus on what follows here.

Time Constraints

Your IELTS reading test is going to be an hour test. Yes, you will have sixty minutes. It is good that you are not going to get 60 questions in IELTS otherwise it would have been difficult to find an answer for the question in one minute. It is good that there will be just 40 questions to be answered in 60 minutes which is just sufficiently enough but if only if you manage to answer the questions in a more innovative way. You will have to make use of 90 seconds (for each question) to answer more creatively.

Do Not Just Hover At One Question

So, it is important that you should not spend time on finding answers for questions which are difficult for you. Often, candidates stick to just one particular question and do not move until they find the answer for the same. This eventually leads to mismanagement of time and they end up with answering only half of the questions or not all questions in a right way. Therefore, if you do not know the answer to any question, it would be better to avoid it and move to the next question. (Just skip them and move on and you can come back to such question later as well, once you complete answering other questions).

Answers Are In Order

Remember, your questions are going to be in the same order in which your text is. This means, answer to the first question will be there in the first paragraph of the reading passage (for academic test) or in the first lines or the first piece of text or advertisement (in case of the general test). So, bear this in mind when you are looking for the answers.

Easy to Difficult

Paragraphs in the reading passage or the text in your reading test generally move from being easy to being difficult and similar questions also move from a level of ease to level of difficulty. But, you don’t have to be panic. All answers will be there in the text. You will have to have patience and some special skills to find those answers in the text.

Read Between The Lines

Do not just spend time in reading the whole passage from beginning to end. Begin reading as required when you answer the questions. And it is important that you should read for meaning. Yes, sometimes, the meaning is draped with different words. So, you will have to have a good understanding of different words, idioms, phrases etc. Do not just look for the same words or phrases that appear in the question in order to answer that.