Difference Between IDP and British Council IELTS

Want to book IELTS? Well, you must be knowing that IELTS is managed by British Council and IDP Australia in collaboration.

Dispelling Doubts

Most of the candidates have this wrong idea about IELTS test booking. They know this fact that the IELTS is administered by the British Council and IDP Australia together. But, they feel that the test shall be booked through IDP Australia if you wish to go to Australia or study there.

A candidate who wants to book IELTS test online will have two different choices. Yes, there are two websites which you can use to book your test.

The two websites are listed down.

  • takeielts.britishcouncil.org/book
  • https://www.idp.com/uae/ielts/book-my-ielts-test/

Now, most of the candidates feel that booking through IDP is important because IELTS administered through IDP would be much easier whereas other candidates feel that the IELTS through British Council would be simple.

But, we would like to tell you that there is nothing like it. Either you book your IELTS test online through IDP official website or official website of British Council, you will see no change in difficulty level of of the test. Yes, the test is anyhow going to be of great difficulty for you until or unless you are prepared for it.

So, you can go to any website and book the test. You can log onto the website and book your IELTS test online. You can pay the fee online using your credit card. Or you will also have this option to pay offline by depositing the amount into the account given. Remember, the country where you are going to book the test from shall be selected so that you do not get misled. If you wish to take the IELTS test from one of the Asian countries, then go to one of these official websites and select your country. Then you can go on to fill out the details as needed and book the test and pay online. You can more about the nearest IELTS test centers as well if you wish to.

You will have to upload a clear scanned photograph (passport size), a copy of your national identification card etc.). After successful booking of the test, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details about your test and test center (where you will take the test).

The Difference in Test Fee

There is certainly no difference in the test fee either you book through IDP Australia or British Council. Yes, you have got it right. But, difference in test fee will vary from country to country. There will be no difference in the amount you will be paying through any of these two sites. What you will be paying to take the test in UAE will be different from what you will be paying for the test in the Netherland.

IELTS Preparation - Advice, Suggestions

Before you book the test, it is always a wise thing to prepare for it. Yes, successful IELTS candidates are those who first spend time in preparation and when they are assured of their own IELTS skills then they take the next step of booking the test online.