Common Grammatical Errors in IELTS

IELTS is a test of English. You need to have good command over English. If you make mistakes, you will get a good score. Listed down are some of the common mistakes. You need to learn to speak or write grammatically correct.


Incorrect:  They had a good news for him.

Correct: They had good news for him.


Incorrect: Sorry, there is no place in this hall.

Correct: Sorry, there is no room in this hall.


Incorrect: It’s five twenty o’clock.

Correct: It’s five twenty.


Incorrect:  Martha didn’t make a fault.

Correct: Martha didn’t make a mistake


Incorrect: He is becoming better.

Correct: He has got better.


Incorrect:  You will take to the hearing test now.

Correct: You will have to take the listening test now.


Incorrect:  I recommend you to go for a holiday.

Correct: I recommend that you go for a holiday.


Incorrect: Can you come to here?

Correct:  Can you come here?


Incorrect:  Did you cook this salad?

Correct: Did you make this salad?


Incorrect:  Different from me, my brother is an expert at training.

Correct: Unlike me, my brother is an expert at training.


Incorrect: Please, do not step on the grass?

Correct: Please, keep off the grass.


Incorrect: It is the most unique gift.

Correct: It is a unique gift.


Incorrect:  He is handsome then him.

Correct: He is handsome than him.


Incorrect: They work for there children.

Correct: They work for their children.


Incorrect: Its Monday evening.

Correct: It’s Monday evening.


Incorrect: What were your question?

Correct: What was your question.


Incorrect: Although it was late, but we waited for him.

Correct: Although it was late, we waited for him.


Incorrect: Every papers is in this notebook is black.

Correct: Every paper in this notebook is black.


Incorrect:  He is married with an Irish woman.

Correct: He is married to an Irish woman.


Incorrect: If I will talk to her, I will tell you.

Correct: If I talk to her, I will tell you.


Incorrect: The man got in from the window.

Correct: The man got in through the window.


Incorrect: The teacher began reading from page 12.

Correct: The teacher began reading on page 12.


Incorrect:  I think you didn’t attend college?

Correct: I think you didn't go to college?


Incorrect: I think I forget my keys in the house.

Correct: I think I left my keys in the house.


Incorrect:  Let the doctor examine his pulse.

Correct: Let the doctor feel his pulse.


Incorrect: I had seen him yesterday.

Correct: I saw him yesterday.


Incorrect: I didn’t talked to him.

Correct: I didn’t talk to him.


Incorrect: The dress is too enough for her.

Correct: The dress is too big for her.


Incorrect: It’s Sam’s and Ana’s car.

Correct: It is Sam and Ana’s car.


Incorrect:  Each of the machines are fast.

Correct: Each of the machines is fast.


Incorrect: They love to eat ice cream after dinner.

Correct: They love eating ice cream after dinner. 


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