Building and Improving Vocabulary for IELTS?

IELTS is an English language test and candidates need to have strong hold over English.

Every language is made up of words. When you join words, sentences are created. Words are the building blocks. In order to master any language, the first step would be to learn the words.

Building and improving vocabulary is very important. Otherwise, there will be no way to gain some proficiency in language.

Have passion for vocabulary

First important thing is to have passion towards learning new words. While reading, we come across words that are new to us. A few of us take note of the new words. (but, you know, smarter people keep a dictionary with them to check out the meanings of the new words whenever they come across. Some people prefer to learn and start making use of those new words as soon as they can.

Learning through games

Given below are words that have got mixed letters. The spellings for these words have been altered.


For the word with mixed letters such as “Atndte” the answer is “Attend.”

Can you find out what are these words??

  • dmeicine
  • ryrma
  • ffidilcut
  • tcare
  • rvoufal
  • aadcemic
  • pimrary
  • cpusam
  • yemon
  • worelf
  • onitac
  • tsiryho
  • prcipalin
  • riccurulum
  • sperofsor
  • egdree
  • evrise
  • ecoicsnom
  • ncescie
  • eninegering
  • secdaonry
  • gduatera
  • nasemr
  • Leturce
  • rtuto


  • medicine
  • marry
  • difficult
  • react
  • flavour
  • academic
  • primary
  • campus
  • money
  • flower
  • action
  • history
  • principal
  • curriculum
  • Professor
  • degree
  • revise
  • economics
  • science
  • engineering
  • secondary
  • graduate
  • seminar
  • lecture
  • tutor

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