Why is Good Vocabulary Important in IELTS

Language is all about words. The more the words you know, the better it is. When you know more words, you will have no trouble in understanding English.

Most of the students face difficulty in reading, writing, speaking and listening tests because they do not understand the words.

Therefore, it is very much important that you shall learn to improve your vocabulary. If you know the words, you will be able to communicate your ideas, thoughts, and emotions in a perfect way. You will face no trouble at all. 

How do you learn new words?

You mostly learn new words by reading or writing. You can read books, novels, newspapers, journals, magazines or anything that you like. When you read, you are certain to come across words that you do not know. You can note down such difficult words and look up for their meaning as per your convenience. This will help you a lot with developing your vocabulary.

Use online resources

There are so many online resources that can help you develop your vocabulary. There are some sites where you can also download free vocabulary sheets that assess your current status of vocabulary. You can take plenty of such vocabulary tests or quizzes to enhance your vocabulary.

Vocabulary Games

There are various games developed around strengthening your vocabulary. You can play word games such as Hangman, Word Chain, Wordscapes, Match Match, or other interesting games. You can play one of these games with your friends or you can play online as well. Such games will truly help you improve your word power.

Vocabulary comes in groups

Do you know vocabulary comes in groups? Yes, the best way to learn vocabulary is by grouping the vocabulary.

Let us give you an example?

How do you describe a person?

The person can be good or bad. We get a list of adjectives or nouns that show traits or characters.

For instance, you can use the words given below to describe a person.

Brave, intelligent, good, bad, genius, nervous, chatty, grumpy, kind, lazy, easy-going, funny, lucky, nasty, neat,  generous, clever, cowardly, polite, popular, quiet, rude, selfish etc.

Similarly, what are the common words or word-groups that help describe a school, college or university?

Words such as academic, teaching, innovative methodologies, chalkboards, duster, classroom, big halls, auditorium, sports area, library, own, constructivist, crowded, democratic, different, diverse, effective, inclusive,  elementary, empty, medium, media, few, future, grade, heterogeneous,  multicultural, multiple,  additional, professor, teacher, pedagogic, principal, headmaster, portable, preschool, primary, public, individual, integrated, kindergarten, large, mainstream, based,  particular,  actual, bilingual, new, open, other, overcrowded and others.

So, the heart of the matter is this. You will have to learn the words in groups. You can search online for vocabulary in groups or vocabulary for so and so topic such as education, school, history, personal bio, etc.

Apart from this, there are some good books that can help you upgrade your vocabulary. You can buy online one of much books and improve your vocabulary.

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