Vocabulary Prep for IELTS Speaking?

We all knew that speaking is one of the modules for IELTS where we have to practice upon few of the vocabularies as they are one among the criteria in it. It is given as the cue card questions wherein, the participant needs to speak to the interlocutor for a minute or two. So, in these all topics, one would be sometimes coming with- “Telephone etiquette”.

If any student gets this cue card what kind of vocabs or sentences can be used for it along with the tips for doing, which will be discussed in our today’s theme.  Telephone etiquette is known as professional protocol which has to be followed by all its users. It is the manners of an individual which is represented through a company as a business to its customers over a phone call communication.

These kinds of communications are essential because we need to understand and have hold on the clients of our businesses. Let us now look at few of the tips to engross this protocol.


  • Do not make the client wait for more rings.
  • As soon as you lift the call, introduce yourself along with the company.
  • Have clarity in voice (crystal clear) and speech so that the client would understand it better.
  • Do not use speakers unless the client is completely not audible.
  • Active listening is the key criteria for any proper support services.
  • Use exemplary language for the communication as it should be completely formal.
  • Have to be cheerful and joyous all the time when in call and need to be courteous along with emotional swing of the customer.


To have the language accuracy we need to understand and practice on Model Verbs which will make you stronger with the usage of them like can, could may, might, must, should, shall sentences or phrases which will be showing empathy or politeness in their speech and along with it we are intending to learn the new vocabs as well like conspicuous, prominent, discretion, patronize, and etc.

To conclude with we need to be sure of what we are expressing over a phone call. It should be authentic and completely formal which will be liked by everyone.

Note: Succeed in this art only through practicum not by theory either to perform as a cue card topic or by playing the support person’s role in an organization.

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