Vocabulary Helpful To Describe Line Graphs In IELTS Writing Task 1

There are some words and expressions that you should know when it comes to describing line graphs in IELTS writing task 1.

To get a good band score it is essential that you should use proper words and phrases to describe the trend. You need to use different expressions. You can’t use the same vocabulary again and again.

To show upward and downward trends, there are some special words. You shall be able to record all the changes present in the graph in a good way. Good vocabulary plays a crucial role.

There are some special verbs and nouns, adverbs and adjectives, time phrases that you can use to describe line graphs.

To show upward and downward trend in the graph, you can say

?       It increases / There is an increase

?       It decreases/ There is a small/big a decrease

?       It declines / There is a decline

?       Climb / a climb

?       Drop / a drop

?       It rises / There is a rise

?       Grow / a growth

?       Go up/going up/ goes up

?       Fall / a fall

?       It fluctuates / Three is small/big fluctuation

?       Hit a low of

?       Peak at

?       It reaches its peak

?       Bottom out

?       Plateau

?       Dip / a dip

?       Remain steady for a month/a few days/a year, etc.

?       It levels off

?       It doesn’t remain stable/It remains stable for over a period of time.

?       The value remains unchanged/The value changes as we go up or as we go down.

?       It hits  a high of

?       Climbing / decreasing / increasing /

?       Rose / a decline / a drop / a dip / a decrease

?       Rising / going up / growing

?       A fall / increased / climbed / grew / went up

What are the common adjectives and adverbs that you can use to describe line graphs in writing task 1?

These are some of the common adjectives and adverbs that you can use to describe line graphs in Writing Task 1.

List of common adjectives

?       Sharp

?       Significant

?       Considerable

?       Steep

?       Slight

?       Gradual

?       Rapid

?       Steady

List of common adverbs

?       Slowly

?       Steadily

?       Rapidly

?       Dramatically

?       Steeply

?       Slightly

?       Considerably

?       Insignificantly

?       Significantly

?       Sharply

?       Drastically

What are the common time expressions that you IELTS test takers can use in writing task 1?

You will have to describe changes taking place over a period of time. You can use these common expressions.

?       Over the past three months

?       Over the next five months

?       Over the next two days

?       Five days later

?       At the beginning of the month

?       At the end of

?       In the following 10 days

?       The next three months clearly describe

?       Over a period of two months

?       From 3rd January to 9th Feb.

?       Between Jan and Feb

?       Next year

?       Next month

?       Last year

?       Last month

?       First year

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