Understanding IELTS Listening Test?

Here is basic information about the IELTS Listening. The test duration is 30 minutes.


You will listen to four different recordings. You will have to listen to the recordings and give answers. The recordings will be played only once (There is no going back. You can’t. However, you can check your answers. But, you will not get a chance to listen to the recording again).


There will be 4 different recordings


Recording 1 – It will mostly be a conversation between two people. The topic can be an everyday context. It can be a social context.


Recording 2 - This is going to be a monologue. It will also be set in an everyday social context.


For example, you may listen to a speech given by the hostel committee. The committee manager may talk about the facilities at the hostel or the future plan.


Recording 3 – This will be a conversation among four different people. There can be more than 4 members as well. For instance, you may hear conversation taking place between a university professor and the student's of the class. They may be discussing a thesis or the event that is going to be organized at the university.


Recording 4 - This is going to be a monologue again. The subject of this monologue can be academic. For instance, a university professor may give a lecture on anything related to studies.


You need to have good understanding of different types of English accents as well because the speakers may use different accents.


Of course, when you move from recording 1 to recording 4, the difficulty level will also increase. You will have to listen to the recordings carefully to answer all the questions.


You will have to be good at identifying the main ideas of the conversation or the lecture. You will have to understand the opinion, views or recommendations of the speakers. Look for the factual information closely.


There will be 4 parts in this test (4 different recordings). Each part will carry 10 different questions based on the given recordings. 


You will get 30 minutes to answer the questions and extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers. 


Total number of questions will be 40.


There will be different types of questions in the test. Following are some of the common types of questions:


?       Multiple Choice Questions

?       Matching Headings With Paragraphs

?       Plan Labeling

?       Map Labeling

?       Diagram

?       Completing Form

?       Completing Table

?       Flowchart

?       Summary Completion

?       Sentence Completion


You will have to write answers on the question paper.


You will get 10 minutes at the end of the time to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.


Poor spelling or bad grammar may affect your score a lot. So, be very careful.


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