Top Ten IELTS Reading Test Tips

Trust us, you are not the only if you are worried about IELTS reading test. We have seen many such people who have struggled to go through this part. The struggle is real for some people. But out of experience in cracking the IELTS exam, we want to help you understand the concept of reading tests. So we have come up with some excellent Top 10 IELTS Reading test tips to make it easy for you. 

1. Understand the purpose of the test

The whole concept of reading comprehension tests is to test your vocabulary and ability to understand concept and paraphrasing skills. Keep that in mind. 

2. Give priority to your reading routine

Until you practice reading, it is not going to be easy. However, reading entertainment magazines and fiction stories will not help you.  We recommend you practice reading books, journals, magazines, and newspapers related to academics. You can choose any topics related to nature, technology, science, innovation, and history. Hunt and read articles that are as lengthy as 500 words and keep it as your reading routine. 

3. Improve your reading speed

Improving your reading speed is one of the extremely necessary skills in the reading test. You need to read the passage soon to understand the concept of the whole passage. The sooner you understand, the faster you can answer the questions. You need to learn to skim and scan the words that matter in the reading passage.  

4. Use your time accurately 

Imagine 40 questions and 60 minutes' time. It means approximately 1.5 minutes to write down correct answers in the speaking test. So using time accurately is the best strategy. Divide time ideally, 20 minutes for reading passages, 10 minutes for reading all questions and 5 minutes skim and scan the answers. You will still have 5 minutes to cross-check your answers. 

5. Annotate Correctly

Annotation is way too important than you think.  Annotating will quickly lead you to specific answers.  If you are able to quickly read and annotate a paragraph in 3-4 minutes, you are almost ready to get a good score. 

6. Move on when you are stuck

Keep the time limit in mind. Whenever you are stuck and unable to focus on the question, just move on.  If any question is taking more than a minute to understand, then it is time to leave that and move on to the next question. 

7. Evaluate yourself

Everyone needs to understand their strengths and weakness while attending their IELTS reading test.  So analyzing yourself more after every practice will help you in focus on what is lacking. Keep doing that. 

8. Practice and test yourself

You cannot crack the ILETS exam in one go. You need to dedicatedly work on your language and skill. Practicing more and testing yourself will help you better than any other tip. 

9. Refine your vocabulary and Grammar

As we mentioned earlier, ILETS Exam is to test your vocabulary and Grammar. Learning grammar and vocabulary is a forever process. Every other day you will find new English vocabulary. Carry a dictionary with you and go refine your language. 

10. Don’t try to understand full Passage 

One last but very important among IELTS reading test tips “you don’t need to understand full passage”. Yes, you heard me right. Don’t force yourself to understand the passage, your job is to locate the answers. 

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