Top Ten IELTS Listening FAQs

Candidates/ aspirants may have many doubts and queries regarding the IELTS Listening Test can read these below mentioned FAQs and clear their doubts.

1) What is the time frame of the listening test and for how many minutes does it last for?

Answer: the total time frame for the listening test is 40 minutes. And the recording lasts for 30 minutes and writing it on the sheets is for 10 minutes.

2) How many parts does the listening test consist of and what are they?

Answer: there are four parts to the listening test which are as follows,

Conversations between two people, conversations between four people, a single person or a speech delivered by one person, speech by a person on academic-related topic.  

3) How is the time distributed between the writing and listening part?

Answer: as earlier mentioned, 10 minutes and 30 minutes is the time frame but generally, the candidates are expected to write answers simultaneously while listening to the audio, the extra 10 minutes is provided for marking here and there and transferring some missed out answers.

4) What is the time frame for the listening test taken on a computer? 

Answer: for the computer-based IELTS listening test the total time frame is 30 minutes with an extra 2 minutes of reviewing the answers, but no extra 10 minutes will be given to transfer answers on the screen.

5) Will there be a word limit for this task?

Answer: yes, there will be word limit, go through the questions properly the word limit will be provided and the candidate must write answers accordingly, not less and not more. For every question, there could be different word limits, ensure to look through the questions and write the answers on point.

6) Are spelling mistakes counted in IELTS listening Test?

Answer: yes, they are counted, in case you write any answer with the wrong spelling it will be considered as wrong. Wrong spellings give no meaning. So candidates must be very sure of their spellings for this task.

7) Will we have time to read the questions before the audio recording starts?

Answer: yes, you will be given some time to read the questions before you go on to write or hear the answers or audio.

8) What are the pros of taking the computer-based IELTS listening task?

Answer: the pros are it’s a hassle-free test-taking method if you’re a good typist, the results are available real quick, the crowd will be less for computer-based the task, good sized screen for reading the questions and lastly, slots are available easily. 

9) What are the cons of taking the computer-based IELTS listening task?

Answer: do not take u this method of test-taking if you’re not a good typist, the screen gets locked at a particular time and after which you won't be able to make any necessary changes.

10) The example, in the beginning, is it removed?

Answer: yes, it has been removed and the candidate now has to start answering questions directly 2 questions.