Top IELTS FAQs 2020

This article will have all the information about the IELTS test. Any doubts or queries on the IELTS will be clarified below. All information about IELTS reading, writing, speaking, and listening test is provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions about IELTS Test 

1) What does IELTS stand for?

Answer: International English Language Testing System

2) How many parts of the exam are there?

Answer: Four parts, reading, listening, writing and speaking tests

3) What English is used in IELTS?

Answer: UK, US, Australian, Canadian English is used in variety of forms. 

4) How many tasks/skills are given one the first day and second day?

Answer: the first day the candidate is given the reading, writing, and listening test and on the second day, the speaking test is conducted. There can be a gap of one day or even two days. 

5) What do we use - a pen or pencil for IELTS?

Answer: you can either use a pen or pencil for this exam, but for listening and reading, candidate must use pencils.

6) Are watches allowed in the IELTS examination hall?

Answer: no, candidates are not allowed to use watches during the exam. For checking the time there will be clocks in the examination room.

7) Number of attempts for a candidate to write IELTS?

Answer: there is no limited number of attempts for a candidate. Candidates can take this test as many times as they may want to in order to get their desired band score. 

8) Are there breaks between the tasks?

Answer: three tasks such as reading, writing and listening tasks will be conducted on the first day itself and there will be a break a few minutes only between two tests. And the next day only speaking task is conducted.

9) Should we write in capital letters or small letters?

Answer: candidate can write in any form they wish to, there are no restrictions.

10) What is the General and Academic training IELTS?

Answer: The reading and writing tests will be different for academic and general IELTS. Listening and speaking test will be the same. The academic IELTS is for candidates who wish to go abroad and study. The general test is for spirants who wish to move abroad (for immigration purpose) 

11) What if I am color blind?

Answer: You can inform the teacher who would be in charge before the test, they will make appropriate changes or arrangements specifically for you.

12) What is the difference between the British Council (BC) and IDP?

Answer: there is no difference between BC or IDP, neither there is a difference between the exams booked through these organizations.       

13) What is IELTS UKVI?

Answer: IELTS UKVI is under the UK government for students who wish to get into the UK or people who want to migrate to the UK. This test is to provide visas for UK students. This is a specific exam for UK applicants.

14) When will the results be announced?

Answer: after 13 days of the examination.

15) For how many years are the IELTS results valid?

Answer: For 2 years

16) Can we send the answer script for revaluation?

Answer: Yes, by paying 100 USD to the authority. It will take around 6-8 weeks for revaluation results to come.  

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