Tips for the Computer Based IELTS Exam

For long decades, the IELTS had been only a paper-based English test but now it is computer-based too. It must be taken into consideration that both CBT and PBT choices remain open for all the candidates those who want to take this test (from anywhere in the world).

IELTS test is going to be just the same. But now it will be on computers too. This will enable multiple sessions in a single day (It will also enable faster delivery of results).

The trend of CBT is now growing. Test-takers continue to look for fast results. And CBT is a good option.

If you are an IELTS test-taker, here are some important points you must remember about the IELTS Computer-based test.

1. What are the components of the IELTS CBT?

The reading, writing, listening modules of IELTS will come under IELTS CBT.

The IELTS official website explains that all the elements of the Computer Based Test are exactly the same as that of the Paper Based Test.

Everything will be the same

  • Types of questions
  • The content of the exam
  • Timings of the test
  • Marking of the test

The IELTS speaking test in CBT will also be the same. This will be conducted face-to-face with an interviewer. Human examiners will check the Speaking and writing aspects of the test.

2. If I take the IELTS computer-based test, how many days do I have to wait for the results?

The IELTS CBT results will be made available within a week (max 5 days or 7 days).

3 If I take IELTS CBT, will it affect my performance and band score in test?

No. It will not affect your performance and band score in the test.

4. How is the test?

One important change in CBT IELTS is that test centers are less crowded.

The order of the CBT IELTS is different than PBT IELTS.

Order will be as follows

1 Listening test

2 Reading test

3 Writing test

4 Speaking test (a human evaluator will conduct the Speaking part of the test)

In PBT an extra 10 minutes of time is given for the Listening aspect of the test.

But in CBT there is no such option. It completely does away with it altogether.

There will be time for the test-takers within and between different sections of the test to check their answers,

But, certainly, there is no extra time for the CBT test-takers.

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