Scoring Criteria in IELTS?

IELTS has four tasks writing, reading, listening and speaking and are individually graded. The overall grade is taken into account to issue a final band score in IELTS. So let us talk about how IELTS is scored.

How IELTS is scored?

A)  0 – Zero is given to someone who applied for the exam but did not attempt it for what so ever reason, they give that student a 0.

B)  1 – One is given to a very poor student who has no idea about English, does not know how to talk, write, read or speak except some common words that are not considered important.

C)  2 – Two is for the intermittent student, who faces a lot of problems in spoken or written English where the evaluator does not get the hang of those students writing or speaking skills.

D)  3 – Three is given to a student who is an extremely limited student. The evaluators the students in very fewer situations and finds it hard to communicate with the student, who also faces many issues while conversing and communicating. The student only understands or communicates very Basic English.

E)  4 – Four is assigned to a person who is a limited user. The student's knowledge of English is very basic and limited to some situations and who is not much efficient in English in all tasks overall. Their form of expressions and understanding is complex and fail to use good English.

F)  5 – Five is given to a modest user, who has a partial command over English and attains an average English knowledge. Figures most meanings out of the entire task and has an average understanding ability of questions. Handles basic moderate English

G)  6 – Six is given to a competent user to a student who has a more than average command in English. Who also understands and expresses without much of inaccuracies. But, also isn’t much efficient either. 

H)  7 – Seven is given to anyone who has a stable and good English without much jumbles and hotch-potch. They face some problems at times but not frequently. It also can go into complex situations.

I)  8 – Right is given to a very good user of English. How is flexible and easy to go with. Smooth in the language without much disturbances. Also, who does not hesitate in communicating?

J)  9 – Nine is given to an expert user who has very good efficiency and is comfortable in English with no inaccuracies and disturbances whatsoever. It is easy to deal with and very expressive too. 

K) These were the band descriptions that state the score of any individual who writes IELTS. This way he/she can get into an abroad country for their field of work or studies. This description tells a person if they are fit into moving to another country or not and if not, then helps them improves.

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