Know To Vanquish On Redundancy in IELTS?

Redundant of Phrases or Words used in Sentences are many in our day-to-day life. Let’s know what it is and how to overcome on it.

In English language we make many flaws while learning or while using unknowingly. One of them is redundancy as many of us know this as repetitive word, phrase, sentences, or any ideas in the sentence which matches with other word or phrase either as synonym or with meaning. 

It may not be looking wrong many a times but still the usage is improper and delivers the reference as imperfect sentence. When anyone writes in a flow, they tend to make these minute mistakes which creates a confusion to others that it might be right because some big personalities are using it. 

Sentence should always have the lucidity and conciseness to be conveyed as a proper message to the reader. As we all know that writing is a skill which can be acquainted by anyone, but we should write in such a way that every word or expression looks new in that and gives reader a clinch to read next. If a sentence is having a greater number of words or ideas which express identical view, then that padded text will not be acceptable to be read by anyone. 

Let us now see few examples of them:

  • It is adequate enough to send the document now. (Use any one word in it)

It is adequate to send the document now.

  • Can you be able to join for the party tonight? (Both mean the same)

Can you join for the party tonight?

  • Our company is merging together with Berkline groups from the next month onwards. (Both means similar)

Our company is merging with Berkline groups from next month onwards.

Note: Writing IELTS tasks by maintaining clarity without redundant phrases is most appreciative for the examiners criteria and which in turn will get you your gratifying results.