IELTS Writing Test 2020 What Examiners Expect From You

Out of all four skill tests in IELTS, the biggest challenge would be IELTS Writing. It is difficult even for some of the experts in English. But, still, some practice can be of great help.

So, how can you write well? And in a better way? Let us discuss this.

In IELTS, you may have to write an informal or formal letter (when it comes to General IELTS) or describe a chart/pie diagram, a table or write on a given topic (Academic IELTS).

What are the common factors that affect good writing?

  • English Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Coherence/Relevance
  • Style of writing
  • Use of vocabulary

To write better, you need to understand the topic well.

Suppose, you are asked to write on a topic such as about your city and historical importance. To write well, you need to know what to write. You will have to have advanced thinking. You should be able to think about the subject in a broader sense.

Where do you get the relevant vocabulary from?

It is only by reading that you can improve your writing or writing style. That is the fact. The more you read, the better you can write. Suppose, if you have already read a couple of articles on Women Empowerment then you will know what type of vocabulary to use. It is also possible that you will write what you have already read. The habit of reading will also help you develop your own style of writing. Yes, it is possible. When you will read and focus on the styles of the other writers, you can either copy their style or tweak your style a little to create your own.

Adding relevance

You can’t just add sentences after sentences to frame your essay. You will have to give some meaningful ideas. There should be some value in the content. What you are going to explain about the topic should be understandable and should be more effective. With no relevance in the essay, the essay will be rejected. You won’t get a good score.

Grammar and Spelling

No one would care to read anything that is grammatically incorrect. If you want your examiner to give a good band score, then focus on good grammar and correct spelling. Often, the score goes down because of the use of bad grammar or spelling errors. So, check twice. Proofread before you are submitting the answers.

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