IELTS Writing Task 2 Tips?

In IELTS there is a special need to understand and write the Task 2 which is Essay writing in both Academic and General. Why do we have to know the techniques is because most of the students show their fear in attempting it and if anyone attempts without the knowledge then it’s for sure, they will not be able to score well in the real exam. We all are aware that the good sources are important while learning.

Writing task 2 is the second part of the writing test wherein, the students will get different strategies of questions like point of view with discussion, opinion, argument or problem to be solved with response on it. The essay writing task should be approached in a formal way with minimum of 250 words in length and it should be aimed to complete within 40 mins of timespan.

Let’s get to know how to write the essay topic:

  • Understand the given Essay: Analyze the essay question and do not try to attempt the question without understanding what it is asking to write because the examiner will look for those aspects as coherence to the topic. Follow the instruction words properly.
  • Organize your answer: Planning how to write is most essential to organize the ideas and structure them in writing. So, take few minutes to structure what is asked for and then start writing the answer.
  • Introduce the topic: In the first paragraph, try to write what the question is asking because it helps to be straight forward and tells the examiner that you know what you wanted to answer in coming paragraphs. So, it matches with the coherence.
  • Body/Content of the topic: This is the essential part where you can make the topic interesting by explaining on the mainpointers of the structures which you planned for. This part can be divided into one, two or three paragraphs including the relevant supporting examples for the topic in it.
  • Conclusion of the topic: In this you can recapitulate all the above-mentioned points in a gist along with general sayings to look expressively. Usage of vocabulary can be an added advantage.

There are few tips to boost-up the scores. Let’s look into them:

  • Recognize how and what to write: Before attempting the exam understand how the examiner wants you to attempt the question or understand the criteria for which you get scored. This is often overlooked by the students. Look for sufficient source to understand better.
  • Recognize your weak areas: We always get stuck by something while writing that’s the reason scores get dropped, so identify where you are not able to get the scores appropriately by some expertise help. 
  • Fix the junctures: Once you identified the mistakes which are occurring in writing then work on those aspects itself to reconnect the points properly. It may be occurring in grammar, vocabulary, redundancy in expressing views or etc. Fix them by practicing more on it.

Note: These all can help you to understand but the main essence is in practicing them with a proper IELTS tutor guidance.