IELTS Why Should You Improve Vocabulary?

What do most of the candidates who take IELTS complain about? Well, a major hurdle on the way to success in IELTS is vocabulary.

If you have good vocabulary, it will become easy for you to understand passages or the text that you get in the reading test. You will understand what the speakers are saying during your IELTS listening test. More importantly, you will be able to write effectively if you know a good number of words. Similarly, IELTS speaking becomes easy too. You can interact with the iternver in a good way. You can impress anyone with good vocabulary.

Vocabulary in IELTS reading and writing

Do not assume that IELTS reading will be a simple treading test. You will get passages that can be tricky. Passage may contain vocabulary that can be more danced in nature.

In IELTS writing also, it is important that you should try to use as many different words or phrases as you can. This will enhance the look and feel of your sentences and you will be able to get a good score in your IELTS writing.

To read and comprehend well, you need to have good vocabulary.

The biggest challenge in IELTS reading is comprehension because academic text will not always be simple to understand. On the top of it, the type of vocabulary that is used in the academic IELTS reading is very complex. Before attempting the real test, if you take a sample test then you will understand the difficulty level. Nine times out of ten, candidates do not score well in the reading test only because they do not comprehend well.

So, learn to improve your vocabulary so that you can comprehend the passages well and answer correctly as well.

To write a good essay you need to have good command over vocabulary.

Words really have big power. Only words will make or break your essay. The type of words that you may use will reflect your writing style. So, be very careful when you write. If you have good vocabulary, you can pick the best words to describe your thoughts and this way, it will be easy for you to get a good score.

So, what can you do to improve your vocabulary?

The first thing that is suggested or recommended by many of the linguists and language experts is that the learners need to focus more on reading. If you are the one who wants to improve your vocabulary then it is quintessential that you should pay attention to reading. Read anything that you like. As much as you can. That will expose you to different words. While reading anything new you are certain to come across certain words or phrases that you may not know. You can try understanding the meaning of those words focusing on the context they are used. But, if you do not understand then you can always use a dictionary.

Remember, you do not have to be Johnson. If you know at least, basic to intermediate-level vocabulary then it will also become easy for you to breeze through this test.

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