IELTS Video Call Speaking Test

IELTS [International English Learning Test System] is a worldwide English proficiency test. It is for anyone who wants to migrate, study or work abroad. It is one of the standard tests given importance by many organizations, colleges, universities in countries like Australia, The USA, Germany, Canada, New Zealand and many more. Today we would like to discuss IELTS video call speaking test

Why choose Video call speaking test?

It is a service provided by IELTS, for students who live in geographically remote areas. So the IELTS organization provides students with this comfortable facility with high-quality online video-conference. It will be the same as an offline speaking test, but virtually in a comfortable space and surroundings. IELTS takes care of every student who wants to write IELTS. And it is seen as a successful way to engage with students online for the exam. This is the best IELTS could have come up with.

What is the procedure?

If you opt for the IELTS Video calling speaking test then, an IELTS team member will guide to the video-calling room for verifying your documents and your identity.

After your verification process, you will be asked to put on the noiseless headset on and will converse with an evaluator in some other test center.

You will face no problems or disturbances as they ensure they provide the best quality of the internet and connection. It will be almost like talking to a person in real life.

Why can we are sure of this method?

To ensure the best quality of test happens in such situations, a third party was sent to assess the whole process.

So, let us discuss the whole analysis of IELTS Video call Speaking Test

Part 1: This analysis was done in London in the year 2014, on a small scale with less population and was checked if there was any the difference from this form of test and the face- to- face a form of test. They used many methods to verify the video calling speaking test and it remained the same as the interactive face- to - face form of test, with not any difference and is as fair as the Face to face mode.

Part 2: This analysis was taken place amongst a larger population than the first one. In the year 2015, this was carried out in Shanghai, China. A convergent- parallel method was used to verify this test. They conducted the test in the format of rating the test takers' grammar and vocabulary in the test and they take small- interviews with the test takers and ask questions mentioned in their questionnaire format. MFRM concluded that the video calling speaking test was a little more difficult than the face to face test. There will be a small amount of difference in the face to face mode and video calling mode not much.

So, this way is equally efficient as the face to face mode of test. Not much difference and quality of the test is fair. Hence, it is seen that students can consider this mode of option to take the speaking test. 

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