IELTS Speaking Test Video Call

IELTS applicants have the option to take paper-based IELTS or the computer delivered IELTS.  Students who opt for computer-based IELTS often have questions with regard to speaking test.  Generally, IELTS speaking is the in-person speaking test. You will face an interview.

But, when it comes to computer-delivered IELTS, the speaking test is online too. But, it should be cleared at the outset itself that this facility is available only in selected IELTS test centers. You will have to contact your test center to know more about it. 

Preparing for the IELTS Video-Call Speaking Test?

Get ready for the IELTS video-call speaking test.

The IELTS speaking test will be delivered via high-definition video call. 

Two-way Interaction

You will not find any difference in in-person speaking test or online speaking test. There will be real-time, real-life conversation with the examiner online. You will feel as if you are attending an in-person interview and that the examiner is really in front of you.

Content of the Test

The Video-call Speaking test will last for not more than 11-14 minutes. There will be no change in set of questions, scoring or content.

Speaking Test Parts

You are online but do not forget to greet as you see the examiner. You are expected to speak about yourself as it will be part A of the test. Of course, the examiner will ask some questions about you, your family, education, goals, friends, etc. You will be given a topic to speak about in part B of the test. And you are expected to speak at least for 3 minutes. That is recommended. And in part C, the examiner will ask you questions related to the topic given in order to assess your English more analytically.

Speak Slowly But Distinctly

When you are speaking online, it is important to speak clearly and distinctly. You will not have to speak fast. Just see how the examiner is speaking. They are trained to speak slowly and clearly to.

Technical Requirements

Before you are allowed to take the video call, you will be requested to check your microphone, webcam etc. If you face any problem, it is important that you should immediately inform the officials at the test centers.

What if any technical glitch occurs?

IELTS video-call speaking test is available only in selected test centers that are highly advanced. There is no question of any technical glitch. Once you are online and your examiner is on the screen with you, you will leave your seat only after completion of the test.

Don’t Expect To Cheat

Test-takers can’t expect to cheat. Test-takers will have to show their IELTS pass as they pass through security points. There is certainly no question of cheating.

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