IELTS Speaking Part A Questions?

IELTS Speaking Part A Questions can be related to anything. For instance, you may get questions related to Work, Hobbies, Internet, Leisure time, Music,  Pets, Reading, Shopping?, Fashion, Fear, Confidence, Flowers, Food,  Newspapers, Neighbors & Neighborhood, Study, Hometown, Home,   Computers, Daily routine, Dictionaries, Evenings, Family & Friends, Sport, TV, Transport, Art, Birthdays,. Childhood, Clothes, Happiness, etc.

We have listed down a few of the important questions that you get on some common topics for the IELTS Speaking Part A 2020.


  •        Do you read newspapers?
  •        Which newspaper do you read?
  •        Do you believe following news is important?
  •        What kind of news do you usually follow?
  •        What is your favorite section in the newspaper?
  •        Do you think people today are not inclined to read newspapers and prefer news on TV to reading a newspaper?


  •        How is the weather in your city?
  •        What do you like about the weather in your city?
  •        What is your favorite weather? 
  •        Do you like the rainy season? Why so?
  •        What do people do in the summer season in your city?
  •        Did bad weather affect transportation anytime in your city in the past three months?


  •        Are you a sports fan?
  •        Do you like sports?
  •        Do you watch sports on TV?
  •        What is your favorite sport?
  •        Why do you like Cricket/Football/Hockey/Badminton?
  •        What is the most popular sport in your country? 
  •        What do you do to keep yourself fit?


  •        Do you like music or do you not like music?
  •        What is your favorite album?
  •        Who is your favorite singer?
  •        What kind of music do you listen to?
  •        Do you sing?
  •        Do you think music is important in life?
  •        Did you learn music anytime?
  •        Did you have music lessons or music classes at school or college?


  •        Do you watch TV?
  •        What is your favorite channel?
  •        Why is it your favorite channel?
  •        What do you like about it?
  •        How are the programs?
  •        Which programs or serials do you like?
  •        Do you watch foreign channels?
  •        Do you watch English channels?
  •        What is your national channel?
  •        What are the most popular programs on your national channel? Do you have any idea of it? What is your favorite program on TV?
  •        Which program was your favorite when you were a child?
  •        Do you think parents should stop children from watching TV?


  •        What is your favorite pet?
  •        Do you keep pets?
  •        What was your favorite pet when you were a kid?
  •        Can you name some popular pets in your country?
  •        Do you think it is right to have a pet at home? Or do you think it is wrong?


  •        What is your means of transport?
  •        How do you commute?
  •        How did you get to this IELTS center?
  •        Do you have a bike/car? What do you prefer, a bike or a car?
  •        How is public transport in your city? Do you like it?  Do you think this needs some improvement? What improvement does it need? 
  •        What is your nearest railway station?
  •        How far is the local station from your home?

Neighbors & Neighborhood

  •        Who are your nearest neighbors? Do you like them?
  •        How is the locality? Good or bad?
  •        What do you want to change in your neighborhood?
  •        What do you think is your responsibility towards your local neighborhood or area?
  •        Do you think a good neighborhood plays an important role in a child’s upbringing?

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